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5 Fun Date Night Ideas for Busy Parents

It can be hard for busy parents to make time for each other in between raising children, running a hectic household, and heading off to work each day. It is, however, important for your relationship to make time for one another every once in a while to relax, de-stress and simply have fun together.

It might be time to choose the perfect day for a fun day or evening with your partner. So, book a babysitter and check out the following five fun date night ideas for busy parents!

1. Book Theater Tickets

If your lives are defined by diapers, cooking, and cleaning, you might both be more than happy to immerse yourself in a whole new world. For this reason, you should consider booking tickets to a theater show. If you can’t secure a babysitter for an evening, you could always catch a matinee performance one afternoon; find a theater production near you at Ticket Sales.

2. Go to a Concert

It doesn’t matter how busy your professional or home life might be; you can schedule at least one date night per month into your busy schedule. If you and your partner love music, go to a concert to spend the night dancing, singing and making memories together. Order some beer and watch your favorite artist in action, which will allow you both to have fun and shake
up your daily routine.

3. Catch a Movie

The chances are that you and your partner enjoyed many trips to the movies at the start of your relationship, so it’s the perfect way to reignite a spark. Once you have confirmed a babysitter, sit down and find a movie you both want to watch.

You’ll love holding hands as you watch a movie, sharing popcorn and maybe even laughing out loud together to a comedy. If you and your partner are into Marvel, do you want to watch Spider-Man? Or maybe a romance or even a  thriller is more your thing. It doesn’t matter if the film is good or bad, either, as it will give you both plenty to talk to each other about once it’s over.


4. Cook a Romantic Meal at Home

If you’re struggling to secure a babysitter, or don’t fancy venturing out for a date night, you could always cook a romantic meal at home for your spouse. Once the kids are in bed for the night, light some candles, turn on some soft music and serve a delicious dinner. Consider pairing it with a delicious bottle of champagne. It will provide you both with an opportunity to catch up and simply embrace the time you have alone.

5. Book a Luxury Hotel

If you and your partner have a few days off work, make the most of your spare time by booking a luxury hotel. Ask your parents or siblings to mind your children for the night so that you can indulge in sheer luxury. It will provide you both with a change of scenery, and it could help to add a little more spark into your relationship.

You could even book a table at a hotel’s restaurant to really make the most of an overnight stay. A romantic getaway will help you both to maintain a healthy, happy relationship, which will ensure you continue to provide your children with a loving environment.


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