6 Great Gift Ideas for Father’s Day


Is your dad the kind that insists not to get him a father’s day gift? They like to make it difficult sometimes! Obviously, you’re going to get them a present either way. If your dad hasn’t given you any hints or ideas for father’s day don’t worry. Here are six great gift ideas for difficult dads. 

Vouchers or gift cards

Sometimes the best idea for father’s day is with a simple or practical gift. Many people appreciate the type of gift they can use, such as vouchers for shopping or gift cards. These are handy and versatile and give the recipient the option to choose what they want themselves. There are a variety of brands available.

Gun holster

If the special guy in your life that you are shopping for happens to own any guns, consider getting him a handmade or custom printed gun holster from We The People Holsters. They offer a wide variety of designs, styles, and patterns. Options include Carbon Fiber, Trump, Constitution, Thin Blue Line, Pink Camo, Texas Flag, Molon Labe, Thin Red Line, Tan Camo, American Flag, Thin Green Line, and Gadsden Flag. The holster can be worn with or without a belt. They are also made here in America. Other gift ideas include t-shirts, hoodies, tumblers, etc. With a 4.4 Google review rating, this is definitely something to check out.

How do you make any basic gift special? Get in personalized! You can start with socks or something small. Put photos on things. You can have your photo put on anything these days, whether it’s a throw pillow or a sunshade for your car. For as little as $25 you can design your own sunshade by choosing a print or adding a photo online. Add logos, his name, his team, whatever you want to make it reflect his style.

Garden tools

If you’re naturally green-thumbed, you could keep an eye on your dad’s gardening habits and see if there’s anything missing. You could just ask him directly, but then there’s always the chance he’ll be stubborn and say he doesn’t need anything. In any case, the summer months make a perfect time to get outside working in the yard.


Is your dad a techy dad? If so why not get him one of the latest gadgets he’s been looking at? Things like wireless chargers and portable holders for your devices don’t cost much, but they’re very handy. There are plenty of grown-up toys and novelty gadgets around, like a mini arcade machine or robot.

Make it yourself

The most personal present of all is one you’ve made yourself. Again, this doesn’t have to be too time-consuming as a little effort will go a long way. You can make something to eat or a cake. If you’re artistic you could paint or draw something. If you’re struggling for ideas then personal photos could come to your rescue again. You could prepare a collage or a frame of your memories. Do something special for your dad this year.


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