5 Ways To De-Stress When Pressure At Work Is Really Getting To You

Pressure affects everyone differently. What someone else might just shrug off might really affect you. Maybe the opposite is true. Workplaces differ too. Some are really high pressure, and target driven where others are more laid back. Some are really tough in terms of the flexibility they provide while others let you start and finish whenever you want as well as letting you work from home. If you’re in the situation where you think the pressure is starting to build and get the better of you, it might be time to do something about it. The actions you can take of course depend on your own situation. Here are some things you can try to relieve the pressure. Some may apply, some may not and you may have even tried some of them but they can help change your perspective on work and pressure.

Make Time For You

If it’s literally taking over your life you need to take a step back and make some time for you. This can manifest itself in many different ways. For a start, focus on you and your health. Don’t neglect your skin. You might want to consider changing your moisturizers, ensuring you buy some quality products and just spending some time kicking back. Get into a routine and do this every day. You don’t want to come home working. Make sure you get your routine and that you stick to it. Make time for yourself and take it day in day out. This could be time spent relaxing reading a book, going for a walk, or playing online games like bingo – where you can have fun and make some cash too. You may wonder is blackout bingo legit, the answer is, yes, so if you need some time for yourself and cash too, this could be the thing for you! If your time is getting eaten into too much by work, you need to have that conversation with your boss. Sure, sometimes when things are really busy you need to put in that little bit more time, but don’t let that become the norm. That’s the trap that can see you spin into a pressure spiral.


Try Stress Techniques

There are methods out there which can help you de-stress and lessen the pressure which you’re feeling. It isn’t the best method of coping. The best is to directly attack the thing which is causing you pressure so that it doesn’t do so anymore. However, you can de-stress by doing some exercise. Even slow walking will help. You can also do it by mastering your breathing. Being able to control and focus on breathing takes you away from the pressure. The best is a quick change of environment. Leave work, get home and just try to relax as best you can.

Talk To Your Boss

In fairness to your work, if they don’t know about the pressure and the stress and how it’s getting to you, they aren’t going to do anything about it. Sometimes the best option is to tell your boss how you’re feeling, how you’re overwhelmed and things are getting to you. It might be that you have a little break from that project, or they could take some work off you to free up some of your time. Don’t be afraid to do it, a good boss will want to get the best out of you and to ensure that you’re happy in your workplace and content with the amount of work you have going on. Failing to talk to your boss may lead them to thinking you can’t do the job properly which isn’t fair if it’s just because you’re pretty stressed.

Take The Jump

It might simply be that work isn’t doing it for you anymore. Maybe you need to try something different which suits you a little better. Something which isn’t super high pressure. It happens to a lot of people when they start having families. They realize there’s more important things going on in their lives. It might be that you want to start your own business and be your own boss. Maybe you want to take a step down in your industry, or you could drop a day or so to give you more time for yourself. It can be a pretty big decision to make so make sure you give it due thought and talk it through with close friends and family.

Focus On Increasing Your Energy

It’s pretty important to look after your health, but sometimes the reason pressure ensues is because you feel too tired to focus on work. Stress tires you out and pressure induces stress. So increase your energy so you’re better able to deal with the different situations. You could for example try to eat better, focusing on foods which are better for your body and keep you going for longer. At the same time, exercise is pretty brilliant and increases your energy too.


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