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Ways To Make Your Life Easier As a Working Mom

When you are a working mom with kids, especially if you own your own business, or help manage a business, life can feel like a huge rush from one urgent task to the next. You are always running around, stressed out, and you feel as if you can never catch up with what needs to be done. I feel your pain! Balancing the demands of your job and at-home life seems like it is practically impossible at times, but you can master it – with a bit of practice. Here are a few hacks to make your life easier as a working mom:

Food Prep

Meal prepping is a great idea for any busy professional, but it is an even smarter idea when kids are involved. Sometimes you run short on time, especially during those busy weekdays when you get off of work and have to pick up/drop off kids at school or sports, clean your house, run errands, and then you STILL have to make lunches/dinners. Save yourself the time and stress on those busy weekdays by preparing lunches, or even dinners, ahead of time! A quick Google search for easy meal prep ideas will pop up with tons of great meals for you to try. Most of them are made for busy people like you, so they are easy, healthy, and delicious! Your kids will love them too, especially since meal prepping will give you more time that you can spend with them.

Line Up Child Care, When Needed

When you first become a mom, you think that school will always be there when you need it (once they reach a certain age), but what happens if they get sick? Make sure to always have a backup plan, when needed, so that you do not have to stop your day and turn it completely around.

Great IT Support At Work

Great IT support is essential when you are a working mom. Imagine coming into work and not being able to access your server, or use your printer. These are just two examples of technology issues that could make your life a nightmare when you have a million other tasks on your to-do list for that day. That’s why Ameritechnology – a local business in New Jersey – is here to save your day! Ameritechnology is a privately owned, full-service supplier of office equipment, providing Nationwide office computer services. They are your one stop solution to all office technology and IT service needs in NJ such as copier & office computer management, ink & toner subscriptions, and custom service contracts. They have nearly 60 years of combined experience serving hundreds of customers and are in the business of making lasting customer relationships. The process with Ameritechnology starts with a clear understanding of your office operations and network infrastructure. Once they ask all of the right questions and get to know you a bit more, they make workflow recommendations and create a customized plan that will simplify and optimize your current and future printing, computer support, or copier lease needs.

They don’t stop there, though. They do not just plug in your new machines and leave you to figure it all out. They are committed to the success of your business long after the machines are plugged in, they say. Every single member of their team takes an active role making sure the products and services continue to drive efficiency while also keeping costs in check. You will also receive regular calls from their customer service team, in order for them to stay current with your business needs. They are constantly looking for ways to help you streamline your business and make it easier on you. Last but not least, if you ever have an issue, all you need to do is call. If you have questions, they have answers and if you need help, they have solutions. Don’t just sit around with a long to-do list. Instead, knock it out faster with easy to use IT products at work.

A Supportive Work Team

Anyone with kids knows that sometimes, things just happen that are out of our control. Whether one of your kids is sick, there is a parent/child event at school, there is a dentist/doctor appointment in the middle of the day – the list goes on and one – having a supportive team at work that understands that you have other responsibilities you need to take care of makes your life so much easier.

Write Everything Down

I am a HUGE fan of lists. There can be a list for anything – a grocery list, Target list, to-do list, list of steps in a recipe – lists galore! Lists are not only a great way to stay organized (and maybe save some money by sticking to them when shopping), but they are also a great way to make your life a little easier. Keep a notebook in your purse of an easily-accessible kitchen drawer where you can write down all of the things you need to worry about. It will take away the stress of remembering, and also the stress of if you forget something!


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