5 Special Gift Ideas For A Loved One


We all love buying gifts for the special people in our lives, whether it’s a holiday gift, a birthday gift or something just because. Maybe you’re looking to purchase something unique and special? The kind of gift which is a treasured surprise? For a few suggestions to get your creative ideas flowing, take a look at a few of these.

Personalized Story

If you’re looking for something a little different in a gift, why not try creating your loved one a personalized storybook, there are companies online who provide this service. One such company is LoveBook; all you need to do is make an account on their website and create the perfect story. LoveBook will then turn your creation into a gorgeous book and send it straight to you. There are plenty of templates to help you create your story, for example, it could be the story of how you and your love first meet, or ‘all the things I love about you.’ With LoveBook, you can customize every page and make the characters look just like you.

Spa Day

For an extra special treat for you and your loved one, a spa day is the perfect thoughtful gift. Sometimes, the gift of an experience can end up feeling that little bit more special than a material gift. Spa packages are the ultimate way to relax and to treat yourself (and your loved one) to some self-care. A spa experience is a day best enjoyed together whether it’s relaxing in the pools or saunas, having a lovely massage, or indulging in a champagne afternoon tea.

Photo Book

We just don’t print out enough of our photos anymore, they are often confined to social media or our phones. To create that special someone a gift for a keepsake, why not make them a nice photo book? Spend some time finding all of your best memories together to print out, then shop for the perfect photo book to present your pics. For an extra special book, get a little crafty and add some decorative touches, whether ribbons or collage materials.


Jewelry is the ideal sentimental gift to make someone feel really special. Many gifts tend to have a short life span, whether they are perishable, get old and worn, or go out of style. Jewelry is a timeless gift that can last a lifetime if kept in good condition. It serves as both a keepsake and a memory, as well as being a beautiful item to wear. This season Opal Bracelets are an excellent choice for the special people in your life.

Art Piece

Buying someone a piece of art is a lovely experience. You get to choose something which complements both their home and their personality too. The initial thing to do is to decide which kind of art they would most appreciate, whether pottery, a painting, or a photography piece. Take a look at the local galleries in your area before searching online. This way, you’ll be treating your loved one to something special plus supporting your local art community at the same time.

When you’re shopping for an occasion, be sure to shop in advance. This way, you’ll have plenty of time to find the perfect special gift for your loved one.


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