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6 Great Resources to Check Out When Starting Your Own Online Business

I have been self-employed now for almost 4 years. I have had a lot of ups and downs over the years when it comes to my business but thanks to the tips of others and finding awesome websites along the way, I have learned a lot and my business has taken off. I’d love to share several of these websites with you in hopes that it helps you with your online business journey.

Let’s get started, shall we?


CoSchedule has helped me out A LOT. I can’t even begin to describe to you what I mean by A LOT. While I did not know about it right away when starting out my business, I did find it within the first year and it has allowed me to schedule posts ahead of time that go out on my social media outlets. It’s easy to use and makes a world of a difference. I no longer have to sit in front of my laptop all day posting things manually. Definitely, check this one out!


While I have not personally used this website, I have heard great things. It allows businesses who sell products to meet the needs of their customers. UserIQ is a customer success software program that brings together user intelligence, targeted engagements, and customer health, so you can learn about your users’ needs and deliver meaningful interactions in real-time.


PicMonkey was a software program that I made sure to use in the beginning because they offered a free version. It allowed me to beautify my pictures I post for my business, make collages, add text, you name it. It was what every other person in my business used up until they started charging for it. While it is no longer free, if you spend a lot of time editing pictures, I recommend paying the cost.


HARO for short but it really means Help A Reporter Out. If you are a blogger like myself or even a journalist, this site is definitely the go to one for leads. It’s easy to use and very helpful when in a crunch. With some sites come restrictions though and HARO has a few. You have to have an Alexa rank of 1,000,000 or less globally to use it and they have a list of rules you must abide by.


Looking for social media optimization services? Then look no further. LSEO offers many different options. They can help you grow your social presence and create and share value-added content. Definitely check them out!

Apekk Apps

Looking for app designers? Look no further than APPEKAPPS. Every online business should have an app to coincide with it. Apekk offers an online calculator tool to determine how much an app would cost for you. They follow a 4 step strategy plan: strategy, design, development, and support. They offer app options for Android, iOS, and Web.


There you have it. My list of the 6 best resources out there online for newbies starting an online business. While there are many others, I highly recommend checking out these 6 particular ones. My best advice to anyone starting out a new online business is to not give up. You could end up being the next big business. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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