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4 Little Secrets To Stay Motivated At Home

Working from home might be advantageous in many ways – especially if you have young children – but it’s also one of the trickiest exercises of self-discipline and motivation you can find. In fact, for a lot of people, it can be difficult to stay motivated in your home office. Workplace loneliness is, after all, a modern disease that can affect freelancers and momtrepreneurs who build their career in their home office. Day after day, facing the same dull Magnolia wall and wearing your comfiest PJs bottom can make it really challenging to achieve great results — regardless of how talented and skilled you are. Instead, you need to address this issue by creating a healthy and balanced work environment at home.

Create the home office that works for you

Stage the scene

If you’re still working on the kitchen’s table or with a laptop on the sofa, it’s time to establish some productive working habits. It doesn’t matter how comfortable your sofa is; you need to invest in a desk. Creating a workplace-like environment if the first thing you need to do to feel like working. Make sure that your home office is neither too cold or too warm, as you’ll find the temperature influences your motivation. Nobody wants to work in a freezing room, for instance! The same argument is valid for your lighting system, as offices bathed in natural light inspire motivation and energy.

Get your work outfit

Admittedly, when you work from home, you can be more relaxed concerning your outfit. However, even though you may love wearing your comfy, zipped-up onesie, you’ll rapidly feel that the way you dress affects your mood. There’s nothing about loungewear that says successful momtrepreneur. But, you can develop a casual style that works for you, such as a pair of jeans and a blouse or even branded t-shirt transfers so that you can make it your work uniform. If you’ve got a logo for your freelancing business, customized clothes can be the best way to create your power outfit.

Your work, your colors

White or magnolia walls look clean, but they don’t exactly inspire you to greatness. Instead, you can pack a lot of energy in your home office decor, just by choosing the best colors to match your job. For instance, if you negotiate a lot of on the phone, red is a great accent to add passion to the voice. Yellow encourages focus and direction, which is helpful for creative industries. It’s essential to pick the color that creates the right emotion for your work. As a reminder: Blue is calming, green helps top associate ideas, and pink adds a soft touch.

You deserve a break

There’s a natural misconception when you work from home that you can’t take some time to recharge your batteries. In reality, whether you work in an office or at home, you need to schedule some breaks throughout the day. The most important of all is your lunch break. Don’t just eat a sandwich at your desk. Instead, plan a healthy meal to refuel your body. Turn the laptop off and relax.

The secrets to motivation are in the organization of your home office. From having the right settings to sticking to a schedule of energizing breaks throughout the day, the more you care about yourself, the more productive you’ll be.


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