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3 Team Sports Everyone Should Try


Getting into a sport is always great for the body and the mind. When it comes to team sports, it can also be a benefit for the social side of things. Getting into a team sport is a great way to ingratiate yourself into a new group of friends, find people in a new town or city, or just stretch out your boundaries and get to know some of your neighbors in your hometown. But there is always going to be the question of what sport to actually go for, and that can be a hard one to decide upon. Of course, no two people are the same, and everyone has their own idea of what counts as a fun sport – but in this article, we are going to get the ball rolling by looking at a few examples of the kinds of sport which you might want to look into in order to meet people. Let’s take a look and see if any of these seem suitable for you.


It is not one of the first sports that many people will think of, but the fact is that Lacrosse is incredibly popular across the world, and for the very good reason that it is one of the most engaging and enjoyable team sports out there. In Lacrosse, you have a contact game of ten players, and it is faced paced, dynamic and exciting. It is one of the fastest games played on feet and you can definitely feel that as you play. Players use a long racket to score goals with a small rubber ball into each other’s goals, and there is definitely a knack to how this is done. If you are keen to try your hand at Lacrosse, however, then the first step is to treat yourself to decent Lacrosse uniforms and find a local club. Before you know it, you might be playing to your heart’s content every week.


Of course, it is a much-loved game, and that is because it is also one of the most enjoyable to both watch and play. It also happens to be particularly good for meeting others, and that is thanks in large part to the team nature of the sport. You work particularly close together in this sport, often with plenty of contact, and that makes for a  much easier bonding session than you get with many other sports. Look into whether there are any games in your local area you can be a part of – there almost certainly are, and you might find that you get hooked even before you expected to.


You don’t have to be tall, but it helps. If you have always wanted to try your hand at basketball, what better time than now? This is an inclusive sport of small teams, meaning that you will be more likely to meet people and carry on meeting them in the future as well. You might not know whether it is for you until you try, so give it a go soon and see if basketball is the sport for you.

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