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The Many Health Benefits of Golf for Women

Even though golf is not the most physically demanding of sports, the health and well-being benefits of the game for both men and women are increasingly being pushed by doctors and health experts worldwide.


Women are increasingly taking up golf, both professional and amateur, although the sport has a long history and a rich heritage of being male-dominated. One of the main reasons for this change away from the sport’s stuffy past is the positive perception of its health benefits, which has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Tips for Beginner Golfers

If you are new to golfing, then picking up some tips on the correct posture, techniques and terminology are vital to helping you learn quicker and become more comfortable in the sport.

If you are serious, consider buying your own golf clubs by checking out the best women’s golf clubs. This can be easier than trying different people and help you to improve your skills quicker.

Other tips include:

  • Lessons are a great investment
  • Start with chip shots
  • Familiarise yourself with basic etiquette
  • Perfect your grip
  • Keep your head down on puts
  • Don’t aim for the flags; aim for the center of the green
  • Don’t let bad shots affect your game
  • If you use a golf coach, find someone you connect with and stick with them
  • Be patient; it can take time to find your groove
  • Find your balance during your swing, don’t sway
  • When starting, don’t worry about finishing every hole
  • Enjoy; it is a game of fun.

The Health Benefits of Golf for Women

Numerous studies have documented the numerous health benefits that participating in even a nine-hole course may provide to those wishing to enhance their overall fitness levels.

It is predicted that golfers who carry their golf bag around a nine-hole course can burn an average of 721 calories, whereas golfers who walk the course with a caddie can burn an average of 613 calories. It should come as no surprise that a round of golf should require you to walk approximately three miles and that walking an 18-hole course three to five times per week should provide more than enough exercise for anyone wishing to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.

There are numerous advantages to playing the sport for both men and women regarding the health benefits of playing golf.

Getting Outdoors

The very nature of golfing on courses as large as 200 acres necessitates that players spend their time outside. Many health benefits for our mind and body come from spending time in nature. Studies have shown that exposure to green spaces consistently calms the body, decreases stress, and can even help to alleviate anxiety symptoms. Furthermore, exposure to sunshine causes the body to absorb vitamin D from the sun, which helps to promote bone growth in children and adults and lowers the risk of depression, heart disease, and certain types of cancer.

Increased Social Activity

In terms of social enjoyment, golf is a top choice. The fact that golf is a game that is not as intense or competitive as sports such as soccer or basketball means that there is plenty of downtime and silence for conversing with other golfers. Some studies have even revealed that a significant number of commercial transactions are completed on the golf course! It may be a wonderful way to stay in touch with friends and provide the opportunity to meet new people and help bring a community closer together.

A Great Calorie Burner

Walking 30 to 200 acres is a lot of walking! By forgoing the golf cart and walking the average course, you can cover a distance of between five and seven kilometers. In addition, if you want to bring your own clubs, you will burn even more calories! Golfers can burn up to 1000 calories in a single game due to walking, carrying, and swinging.

Improved Bladder Control

A little unexpected, but this one is absolutely worth mentioning anyway. Those repeated visits to your friendly course beer-cart girl can put a strain on your bladder’s ability to function. The more time you spend learning to retain it, the greater the capacity of your bladder becomes.

Furthermore, as some female golfers have pointed out, it is an excellent technique to build leg muscles, particularly the quadriceps. The typical crouching motions used by those unable to “hold it” are novel leg exercises.

Better Heart Health

A round of golf can provide a significant amount of cardiovascular activity. Similar to the process of burning calories, walking, carrying, and swinging will increase your heart rate, keeping it pumping and increasing blood flow. Naturally, this will reduce your chances of developing heart disease and lower your “bad” cholesterol levels due to your diet.

Better Brain Function

With an increase in heart rate comes an increase in blood flow to the brain, activating and strengthening nerve cell connections. This has the potential to delay the onset of mental disorders such as dementia. Although golfers will be competing against other players, they will also be competing against themselves for personal best scores.

Confidence and self-esteem are boosted due to this type of concentration, and the mental agility required for tallying scores, improving strategy, and developing hand-eye coordination keeps the brain busy in logical tasks.

Improved Eyesight

To zoom in on that round, small white ball that may be hundreds of yards away, you’ll need rather good vision. Golfers learn to focus on small targets from vast distances. Even while the ball is on the tee, before their swing, golfers are faced with the opportunity to evaluate the sharpness of their eyesight while simultaneously increasing hand-eye coordination.

A Great Low Impact Workout

Golf is a leisurely activity with minimal risk of injury compared to other sports because it is not a contact sport. Even though golf is mostly a game of strategy, coordination, and accuracy, some physical exercise is involved due to walking, swinging, and pivoting. Injuries are rare in golf, which provides just enough physical exertion to keep the muscles active.

Improved Sleep

Given the amount of exercise you are doing, your exhausted body will appreciate you at night when it is time for some much-needed rest. Given the amount of energy consumed when golfing, golfers will fall asleep more quickly and sleep more deeply, and they will be able to remain in a deep slumber for a longer period of time. Deeper sleep is required for your body to rebuild cells and heal any muscles and tissues that have become damaged.

Lower Stress Levels

Golf is a stress-relieving activity. Being in an outside setting where you can engage with others who have similar interests to yours is a terrific approach to forget about your worries. Golfers are typically in a good mood because of the pleasure of wandering in an open and natural area and spending time with friends. This is because playing a round of golf can stimulate the production of endorphins, which are naturally occurring, mood-enhancing chemicals in our brains that make us feel happier and more relaxed.


While golf is often thought of as a male sport, many women enjoy golf, and there are increasing numbers of female golfers who can promote the sport for women. When you consider joining a new golf club, ask about their female players and how many of their members are women. It can help you feel more comfortable on the course if you are playing in a welcoming place to both men and women who enjoy the game.


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