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3 Amazing Gifts For Those Family Members That Are Always Hard To Buy For

Every family has at least one person that’s notoriously hard to buy gifts for. Whenever an event comes around, they don’t have any suggestions, leaving you to try and come up with an idea on the spot. Today, I have a few family gift ideas that are perfect for these difficult people. They’re useful, and guaranteed to leave a smile on someone’s face!

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Scented Candles

These days, my ‘go to’ gift is a scented candle. If I can’t think of anything to buy someone, then I’ll get them a candle or two, and it always goes down well! People love candles because they add some nice scent to their home or bedroom. They’re particularly beneficial for female family members, but guys can enjoy candles too. In fact, some companies even sell scented candles in more ‘manly’ scents as well. You can typically buy large candles, packs of small ones, and so on, making them a very versatile gift for all occasions.

Personalized Mugs

For me, a personalized mug is such a good gift idea because you can get it for just about anyone. Let’s be honest, everyone drinks coffee or hot chocolate – or just any other hot drink every day. What’s more, most families have a serious mug problem where everyone steals each others mugs and then arguments break out! So, buy some personalized coffee mugs for family members, and you solve these problems! It’s just a simple gift idea that packs a really effective punch. If you don’t want to get a personalized one because you can’t think of what to write, then there are some quirky and funny coffee mugs with well-known sayings written on them. They’re still an excellent gift idea, and I think they’re perfect for family members who don’t give you any gift suggestions. I’ve always found that a mug puts a smile on someone’s face and gets a lot of use too.


Gift Vouchers

Finally, if you’re really stuck for ideas, then you can always get some gift vouchers. Now, I wouldn’t recommend the typical book vouchers or just pointless vouchers for shops that your relatives never go to. The key here is knowing what the person is interested in. For example, if you have a teenage child that’s very much into video games, then buy them a voucher for a store that sells video games. Likewise, if you have to buy a present for your father, and they like wine, then get them a gift voucher for a wine subscription service, etc. It’s just such a simple idea, and you know the person will appreciate it as they save money. Alternatively, if they are a little more adventurous, how about buying them an experience? For example, has some incredible spitfire flying experiences that are bound to get the heart pumping and make a day to remember!


It’s easy to give up and just hand over some money in a card whenever you have to buy gifts for family members. I find this to be boring as there’s no real joy for whoever opens the card. With a gift, you give them something they can actually use and get some enjoyment out of. Even gift cards are better because they can actually go somewhere and use them. Think about these ideas if you have a tricky family member to buy a gift for anytime soon!


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