10 Ways to Help Your Loved Ones in the Hospital

When a loved one is in the hospital, it can be difficult to know what to do to help. You want to make them feel comfortable and at ease, but you may not know how. This blog post will discuss ways that you can help your loved one during their hospital stay.


1) Visit your loved one in the hospital.

Visiting your loved one and doing activities with them can help to pass the time and make them feel comforted and supported. Bring cards, puzzles, or books to keep them occupied. However, if your loved one is contagious or has visitors restricted for any reason, be sure to check with their doctor or nurse before visiting.

2) Offer practical assistance. 

Ask your friend or family member what they need while in the hospital – from small things like extra blankets to larger tasks like arranging transportation home from the hospital – as well as how you can help manage their medical bills and paperwork.

3) Be a listening ear.

Being there for someone emotionally can be just as important as providing physical assistance. Ask your loved one how they are feeling, listen to their thoughts and feelings without judgment, and provide words of encouragement when appropriate.

4) Bring food or snacks. 

Hospital food is often not the most appetizing. Bringing in treats like fruit, sandwiches, chips, or candy can help your loved one feel better about their stay – as well as provide them with a much-needed energy boost!

Buy them chocolate gifts to show your care and affection.

5) Anxiety can be higher in the hospital environment.

If your loved one is feeling anxious, find ways to help them relax and cope with their feelings. This could include helping them find guided meditations or breathing exercises, playing music for them, or helping them practice mindful activities like coloring or drawing.

6) Give words of reassurance.

Let your loved one know that you are there for them and they are not alone in this situation. A few positive words can go a long way in providing comfort and hope during difficult times.

7) Decorate their hospital room.

Adding a few homey touches like photos, artwork, and houseplants can help make the hospital feel more like home. This will also remind them of happy memories outside the hospital environment.

8) Take care of yourself too.

It’s important to remember that looking after your own physical and mental health is essential while helping someone else in the hospital. Make sure you take breaks when needed and get plenty of rest during this stressful time.

9) Write down questions for their doctors or nurses.

If it’s hard to keep track of everything going on with your loved one’s treatment, writing down any questions you have for their medical team can be incredibly helpful – especially if they’re feeling overwhelmed.

10) Make sure all the paperwork is in order.

Check any discharge notes and other documents to make sure all the necessary information has been filled out correctly. This will help make your loved one’s transition back home smoother and more organized.


Helping a loved one in the hospital can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. From visiting and providing emotional support to taking care of practical tasks, these tips will help you make sure your friend or a family member has everything they need during their stay – and that you are taking care of yourself too.


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