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Winter Warm And Cozy Decor Styles

If you live somewhere that feels the chill through the winter, you might already be thinking about making some changes around the home. Warmth isn’t just a state of mind. In fact, if you sit in front of the TV in the evenings in a cold room, you might be risking your health. What you need are some clever ways to create that cozy feel without having to blast out the heat!

The Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the easiest rooms to keep cozy. Start with the bed. Duvets and comforters come in several different weights or togs. Choose a thicker cover for your bed so that you don’t lose so much heat in the night. If you don’t like the sensation of that extra weight over your body, choose a man-made fiber filling to keep it lightweight but effectively warm.

Rugs and extra pillows are cozier – pic source

If you don’t have a thick pile rug on your bedroom floor, then now is the time to invest in one! These can prevent any drafts reaching you along the floor, and they feel luxurious and warm under your bare feet. This can be effective whether you have a carpet down or not. The last thing to add to the room for that warm and cozy feel is drapes or curtains. Choose fully thermal-lined drapes to cut out the draft from the windows and reduce heat loss.

The Living Room

One of the best ways to feel cozy in the winter here is to change out your furniture. Leather or vinyl seats can feel quite cold in the winter and can take a while to warm up. Choose fabric covers and pillows here instead. You might even prefer trying one or two 8 foot bean bags so all the family can snuggle in together on a cold night. This less-formal approach to sitting can be perfect for freezing winter weather.

Hardwood floors aren’t quite as cold as slate or tile, but they can be chilly under bare feet. Start rolling out the thick, wooly rugs. These are ideal for people that don’t like to wear socks or indoor footwear. You can also use throws to cover yourself when you’re sitting or lying down in the living room. But if you want your decor to pull its weight, it’s time to think about your drapes.

Just like in the bedroom, thermal lined curtains can stop heat escaping, and prevent any cold air from the windows getting in. You might be restricted in color and pattern, but you can always add detail to your drapes yourself. Reposition the furniture to be closer to the heat source and further from the windows and the door. Now you shouldn’t feel any of that cold air moving around that can make you feel so chilly.

The Kitchen

The kitchen rarely has a heat source that can fill the entire space. You’re more likely to have a cold tile floor in here too. That doesn’t mean you can’t make this space more cozy in the winter. Do you eat in the kitchen? Consider using chairs with fabric cushioning for the seat and back. This will help add a little more comfort and warmth. Choose fabric tablecloths and place settings, so you’re not leaning on a cold wood or granite surface.

You might also install a boiling water tap. Hot drinks are recommended in winter as a way of keeping you warm from the inside. Boiling water on demand makes this quicker and easier to enjoy. Of course, extra steam will need to be aired and dried out. Opening the window once a day is always a good idea, but then you have to warm the room up again. Try a high-quality extractor fan that looks good too. This will keep your room warmer and fresher all winter long.

A Cozier Atmosphere?

You can, of course, enhance the mood of every room to help you feel a little more cozy. This might not have much effect on the actual temperature in the room, but it’s a great way to style the house for winter. Room dividers can be used to create a smaller space. Lots of parents find these are handy for siblings that have to share a bedroom. By dividing the area into little spaces, the overall effect is one that is much cozier.

Cozy and warm yet? Pic source

You might have candles lit in the room too. When you have kids, try candle effect lamps and lights instead. Even coloring the light in the room can give that feeling of warmth without changing the temperature. Color changing bulbs are ideal for this. If you have a wall mounted fire, there are often several effects built in to create that warm glow and illusion of a real open fire. Why not install one of these in your living room?

Color warmth can be added to each of your walls as well. Move toward warmer tones and away from the cooler, bluer tones that are great in the summertime. Add some wallpaper and canvas wall art in hot reds and yellows to give a little extra warmth in the room. They can help reduce the acoustic echoes in rooms with no other soft furnishings. Add a divider or two to help even more. You can even cover these with fabric drapes for a greater effect.

Fabric Choices

If you want to look and feel warm and cozy in your home, then consider which fabrics can help here. Faux furs and wools are much better than silk, satins, and voiles. Fabrics can be used in lots of places. You might change the cushion or pillow covers for something wooly or fluffy this season. Why not add an extra throw in a thick fabric? Drape them wherever you have a hard surface like a wall or chair-back.


Houses these days are generally well-insulated, particularly those built for cooler climates. That doesn’t mean you can’t add a few decorative finishing touches that help prevent drafts and heat loss too. How do you stay warm at home in the winter time?

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