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Enhancing The Mood Around Your Home

If you’re thinking about changing things up around the home, why not think about the moods you would like to create in each room? Would you like a relaxed mood in the bedroom but something a bit more vibrant and welcoming for the living room? The dining room might be a space where you also work, so perhaps this should have more energy than the other rooms in the house? Or is the kitchen the heart of your home and the space where happiness reigns?

Creating moods can be achieved in three ways. You can look to colors in that space to help you feel brighter and happier, or calmer and more relaxed. You might also use furniture style to help convey the mood you want to achieve. Will it be soft furnishings for a cozy feel, or minimalist for that simple, easy, and efficient approach? Finally, consider the scent you want to choose for each space. Relaxing lavenders, or zesty and energetic citrus?

Should your chosen scent be bold and prominent?

Usually, an aroma is noticeable but not overpowering. If it’s too strong, it becomes a distraction, and it can become unpleasant. You can click here to find examples of nebulizing diffusers that might offer the quality and strength of scent that you’re looking for. Then all you need to do is select which aroma oil is right for each room. It’s important you start with fresh air in the kitchen before you start to apply scents. This will stop different cooking odors clashing.

What should your kitchen smell like? Picture credit

Should your chosen color be bold and prominent?

It’s nice to have a splash of your boldest shade for your chosen palette. However, too much of it in a room that you want to keep subtle might ruin the mood! A bold feature wall is great in the kitchen and the living room. In the bedroom, you might have a bed foot runner in the boldest color. The rest of your decor might feature only the less vibrant tones. It’s good to go with three to five shades or color tones in your palette for each room.

Keeping the bedroom calm and relaxed. Picture credit

Should your furniture become the focus of the room?

That might depend on the room! In the living room, you expect the sofa to be the biggest and most prominent item in that space. After all, you’re in there to sit down! If you want to refresh this room, simply changing the sofa might be enough. Changing the shape or even the position of your seating can do a lot to change-up the whole room. Then, of course, you have a wealth of colors in your palette to choose from. A quick and easy approach is to use a colored throw to soften and enhance the mood of the room.

How important is the style of your furniture? Picture credit


Creating a different mood or enhancing the atmosphere in your room is much easier than you think. It doesn’t require a huge budget or professional interior designer either. How do you enhance the mood around your home?


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