Valued Relationships: Ways To Show Appreciation to Friends

Friendships are important. Your friends are the individuals you reach out to when you need a good laugh or just someone to talk to. While you know your friends impact your life, they may not realize just how vital their companionship is to you. Make the people closest to you feel special with these ways to show appreciation to friends.

Write a Letter

Replace a text message with a sweet note telling your friend what you appreciate most about them. This is heartwarming because much more thought, time, and effort goes into creating handwritten notes.

If you have a creative mind, you could draw a picture on the card or write a poem—and if you’re not artistic, don’t worry! What’s most important is telling your friend what you love most about them. This is your letter, so write what feels right.

Be Dependable

Another way to show appreciation to your friends is to be reliable. When you make plans to go out together, strive to always show up on time and ready to go. While occasionally having to cancel at the last minute is understandable, you shouldn’t do this regularly. Constantly rescheduling or completely ditching your friend displays disrespect and can leave them feeling like you don’t value the relationship.

Buy Them a Gift

For some, gift-giving is a love language, and nearly all of us appreciate an unexpected present. If you see something in the store that would be perfect for your friend, buy it for them as a surprise. Alternatively, you could search for a specific item online and give it to your friend the next time you see each other.

Not sure what to buy for your close friend? Consider their interests and purchase something related to what they like. For instance, if your friend is a major bookworm and home decor lover, a bookish candle with scents that remind them of their favorite story is perfect. They can make their home smell just like their favorite book or character!

Reach Out to Them

Life gets busy, especially when little ones come into the picture. Between work, caring for the kids, and maintaining your home, it’s hard to stay connected with everyone. However, you should still schedule time to message or call your friend to catch up. When you and your friend talk, ensure you’re an active listener whenever they have something to discuss.

Friendship is a two-way street; when you both put in the effort, you nourish the relationship. By showing your friend how important their companionship is to you, you make them feel valued.


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