5 Ways To Turn Your Off-Duty Look Into A Style Statement

As a busy mom, comfort is usually key when it comes to getting dressed for the day. Between the multiple errands you have to run and the effort it takes to get dressed, a casual combination is usually the go-to choice.


While your casual style might feel like a drag, especially compared to the other moms you meet on the school run then you’re not alone – with many women in your shoes feeling far from perfect as they step out the door. Ever thought about turning your off-duty look into a style statement? It’s actually easier than you think. Take a look at these simple tips for upgrading your casual style and making a great impression when you walk out the door.

Denim done right

Throwing on your favorite jeans is the easiest way to wear a style that you feel relaxed and comfortable with. The fit of your jeans, however, can make all the difference to how your finished look comes together. If your jeans are older than your children, you might want to think about investing in some new styles. This year’s denim trends include the return of loose-fitting jeans, high-waisted mom styles that are ideal for every day, while denim skirts are also making a return as a warmer weather alternative. Finding the right jeans is like finding the holy grail, so make sure you spend some time picking out the best jeans for you.

Wear a retro tee

Retro tees have been a popular fashion trend already this season, with many A-listers and Instagram fashion icons happy to show off their latest finds. From Star Wars t-shirts to classic Coca-Cola and Tommy styles, you’ve got a huge selection of looks to choose from. The 90s look is back this year so if you’ve got any old classics hiding in your wardrobe, it’s time to dig them out and give them new life. Consider looking into a budget friendly site such as Shein. For some interesting ideas and savings, click here.

Buy yourself a good pair of shoes

While all of us moms wish we could just throw on a pair of heels or wedges whenever we’d like, we all know that we need a good pair of casual shoes. We also know that our beloved shoes can end up dirty or even worse, ruined. Consider Balenciaga shoe repair for solving this annoying problem.

Throw on a blazer to smarten up your look

The jeans and t-shirt combination is an easy look to put together, but it’s not always the smartest looking outfit. Enter the blazer. Blazers are fast becoming the easy way to smarten up your look, making it look instantly more fashionable and polished. Plaid styles are particularly popular at the moment, while you can’t go wrong with a navy or black style. Choose a looser fit to wear open or add extra style points by putting a belt around your middle – the look is more versatile than you think!

Sunglasses can hide a multitude of sins

No time for makeup in the morning, no problem – a pair of sunglasses is all you need to look chic as you’re dropping the kids off at the school gate. Aviators are a classic sunglasses choice that looks great with a messy up-do or with your tousled morning hair. Wear a mirrored style for the best way to wear the look and always keep them in your purse for those times when you need an accessory to hand.


Fashion isn’t everything, but as a mom, it’s important that you feel good about yourself. Even the most casual outfit can become a style statement, you just need to make those little changes to make it happen. Find ways to make your off-duty look a triumph and feel great when you step out the door.


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