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Glam Mama: Transform Yourself In Three Easy Steps!

As a busy mother, your appearance on most days is probably bottom of the priority list. Being up at the crack of dawn sorting out a crying baby, packing kids lunches and ferrying them to school is exhausting. After that chances are you have a tonne of errands to run, you’re cleaning the house, sorting bills and generally on your feet until late. It’s no wonder most of us choose comfort over style and keep it simple with our overall look. However it’s nice to dress up every now and again, and whether you have a family party, date night with your husband or any other special occasion you will, of course, want to look your best. Thankfully there are ways you can glam up that aren’t too complicated or time-consuming and can have you looking and feeling fantastic. Here’s how to go about it!

Apply Some Makeup

Makeup hides a multitude of sins- if you’re sleep deprived, are having a breakout or generally just not looking your best, makeup can help! Some foundation and concealer will even out your complexion, and some blush and bronzer will bring color and dimension back into your face. A swipe of a neutral colored eyeshadow such as brown, bronze or gold will suit just about everyone- don’t forget to use a small brush to drag the color under your lower lash line too. Some black eyeliner and plenty of mascara help to define your eyes and make you look wide awake, you could add some false lashes too if you really wanted to make an impact. Finally, a lipstick that suits your mood or event will finish off the look. For a very glamorous or romantic evening, how about going with a pillar box red? For something more natural looking a pink, coral or nude would look stunning. There are loads of tutorials for all abilities on Youtube, and you really don’t have to spend much on makeup. There are lots of great items from the drugstore that have been shown to perform as well as pricier brands.


Do Your Hair

One way to add instant glam to your hair is with clip in extensions. These are especially great for busy mums as you’re not stuck with maintaining permanent extensions for the rest of the time. You can take them out and put them in as needed in a matter of minutes. Human hair extensions can be styled just like your normal hair, so you can experiment with waves, curls and straight looks. If you invest in a good heat styling tool or two they will last you for years and help you to achieve all kinds of different effects. You don’t have to be a hair expert either, again there are tutorials online that explain step by step processes. The added length and thickness can transform any woman, and really help you to look and feel your best without much effort.

Choose The Perfect Outfit

Finally, your outfit is what brings your entire look together and so you will want to choose something flattering and that you feel good in. You can’t go wrong with a nice fitting black dress, it can be easily dressed up or down depending on what you’re doing and the dark color is figure flattering. Choose something that accentuates your shape and that you don’t feel self-conscious in.

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