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Tips When Picking Out Jewelry For Children

Buying jewelry for children can seem like a bit of a pointless effort because it might not be something they’ll be particularly bothered about. However, a nice piece of jewelry can be a thoughtful gift if you have the idea of it being something that they can pass down to their children. Here are some tips for picking out jewelry for children.


Be Wary Of Small Details

The smaller and dainty details might look nice, but it’s important that you prioritize safety above all else. When it comes to them wearing jewelry, smaller children can pose a risk to anything that has parts that could fall off. They will know no different, and just like toys, you have to be wary of anything that could come apart and end up being swallowed or choked on. Try to keep the details plain and simple so that there’s less risk of it going anywhere that it shouldn’t. There are plenty of options available, and you can keep the more detailed jewelry for when they get older.

Keep It Practical

There are plenty of ideas if you need inspiration on BeadifulBABY if needed. However, one thing to consider is the practicality of having jewelry. The item or items you pick need to be secure and something that doesn’t get in the way of their daily activities. Think about a bracelet as a good starting point. Any type of necklace, unless they’re older, can be a little dangerous if they end up getting it caught around something. Earrings are also a safer option, but you also want to make sure that the design is plain and simple. Check that whatever fastener is used on the back of the earrings is secure too.

Personalize It

If you want to make a piece of jewelry more personable, then why not personalize it? Perhaps you can make one for yourself so that it creates one accessory when putting them together. A lot of people, when personalizing jewelry, will normally put a quote on there or sentence that is meaningful or perhaps the person’s name. Whatever you choose, giving it your own touch of personalization can make it unique to your child.

Ensure It’s Durable

As a child, they don’t have the same awareness that we do as adults. So when we wear jewelry of any kind, there’s always a conscious effort to protect what we’re wearing. However, with children, that’s not the case, and if they’re running into things or slamming their fists onto toys, the durability of said jewelry needs to be child-proof. Make sure you’re asking the right questions when it comes to how strong it is and what it’s made out of. You don’t want anything too fragile that might break, and sometimes you have to sacrifice a bit of the style to get a durable accessory.


Buying a piece of jewelry for your child can be a very nice memory for you to cherish and for them to have forever. So pick carefully and make sure it’s the right one for your child.


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