Tips To Make Your Home More Comfortable For Guests


It’s always a good time when your loved ones come to your home and keep you company for a few days. And when they leave, an honest and straightforward compliment of how welcoming and relaxing your home is will sure make you feel appreciated for all the effort you put in.

A comfortable home is welcoming and relaxing. Here’s a list of ideas to make your guest feel special and eliminate any potential discomfort when they visit.

Make Room For Them

More space sometimes means more comfort. Clear out some space, especially in the guest room, to serve as storage for your guests’ luggage. For example, if the room has a closet, you can clear it and give your guests space to put their personal belongings and access them with ease.

However, avoid leaving their room too bare even if the guests will stay long. Instead, get a small couch if there’s a lot of space and top it up with a wall hanging, a clock, or a calendar to spice up the room.

Privacy Matters

Nobody loves to be in a place where they feel too exposed, and the same applies to your guests. Although they will live in your house, this doesn’t mean they will need 24/7 supervision. So, ensure you provide adequate personal space and privacy for your guests.

You can achieve this by using curtains and coverings that give some privacy in the guest room. Additionally, use beautiful blinds to provide some pleasant light control and privacy.

No Odor

No matter how organized and fancy your home may look, it all means nothing if it smells terrible. But, what could make your home smell awful?

Well, it could be your carpet, dirty sheets in the kids’ room, or your garbage disposal failing to work correctly.

To eliminate any possible causes of bad smell:

  1. Keep your surfaces clean and dry.
  2. While going about your usual cleaning routine, remember to clean the fridge and dishwasher to avoid any rotten food smell.
  3. Check for other areas such as the drainage, bathroom, or laundry room.

Keep the Pests And Insects At Bay 

Flies and bugs are an automatic signal of hygiene and sanitation issues, and no one loves to have them around. Even worse, some of these pests carry with them dangerous diseases.

You can use insecticides and maintain your spaces to avoid any future infestations.

In the case of mosquitoes, you can get mosquito repellents at home for your guests, or have mosquito nets in place for everyone.

For better and long professional solutions, consider getting in touch with mosquito control experts

Make Essential Items Available

Most guests are always shy and are afraid that asking for something causes disturbance. For example, some guests will be scared of waking you late at night or early in the morning to ask for water. However, if you put water and other essential utilities near and accessible, they will be able to get them on their own. Show them where to get the essentials when they arrive or before sleep.


It may be hard to know precisely what aspect of your home may be needing some adjustments when your friends and family visit. Also, not all guests are the same, which should not scare you. Do your part, and they’ll love it.

Having a cozy and welcoming home does more than linger in the minds of your guests. It also makes your experiences with them more memorable and enjoyable for your family. The tips on this checklist will guide you as you craft your home into a better and more welcoming way for your guests.


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