Super Simple Ways To Refresh Your Bathroom

Having a functional bathroom is an absolute necessity in our home. They are, after the kitchen, one of the most used rooms in the house, especially in the mornings when the whole family is rushing around trying to get ready for the day. This means that the bathroom must appeal to a wider audience than just the family. In addition, it must be visually appealing and pleasant to guests and visitors alike. A worn and dismal bathroom is not going to make a good first impression on anyone! The difficulty is that totally renovating a bathroom may be extremely expensive. Not to worry, if you are on a tight budget and want to freshen up your outdated bathroom, these simple tips will help you out.


Think about storage solutions

When there is an abundance of unneeded clutter and junk, even a large bathroom might appear and feel claustrophobic and inadequate. Anything you do not use or require should be thrown away, and make an effort to use up a full bottle of shower gel or soap before opening a new one. Consider visiting a bathroom vanities showroom for inspiration on storage solutions. Cabinets filled with attractive baskets and tubs can really help you to become organized while also creating the illusion of more space in your bathroom space.

Give the room a lick of paint

This holds true for almost every space, but it is especially true for a bathroom, which may quickly get grimy and worn-out appearing due to frequent use. A fresh coat of paint, even if it is simply plain white, can breathe new life into a room and make it appear larger and more spacious. In the event that other colors are required, they can be added later with accessories. Remember to only use paint that has been specifically developed for use in bathrooms; otherwise, the color will fade quickly.

Change the shower curtain or screen

Shower curtains get grubby and tatty very quickly and can completely let down a bathroom. Invest in a new curtain or look at proper screens or glass to give it a contemporary new look. Not sure which sort to go for? The information at http://blog.glasscraftersinc.com/frameless-vs-semi-frameless-vs-framed-shower-enclosures/ might help you to make a decision.

Invest in a new set of towels

A few new, luxurious towels in bright colors may make a huge difference in the appearance of a bathroom. You should think about how you will display them: will you roll them up and place them on shelves or in crates, or will you think outside the box and use antique ladders set up against a wall to serve as a towel rail? This is something that is very much in vogue right now.

Give the grouting a refresh

In any bathroom, untidy grouting in between tiles will always detract from its overall appearance. Purchase a grout pen, which can be found at a reasonable price at any home improvement or hardware store, for a quick remedy. However, grinding away the current grout and reapplying a new compound will give the surface a more appealing appearance. This will take longer, but the end result will be more pleasing in the long run.


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