Tips for Moving Your College Student Home for Summer

They’ve spent 10 months away from home. College life has given them a taste of freedom, so moving back home with their parents might not be the easiest transition. They’ll always be your child, but they’re no longer babies. Read over these tips for moving your college student home for the summer to avoid any unnecessary bumps along the way.

Have an Open Dialogue

Talk with your child before getting ready for their arrival. It’s important to address the elephant in the room so that no one is walking on eggshells for the entire summer. Let them know you recognize that their way of living has probably changed since they started school.

Ask them what their current routine is and what they’re used to. Try and make some changes to the current rules so that they still have some independence while remaining respectful in your house. Speaking with them like this will show that you see them as adults and want to treat them as such moving forward.

Don’t Bring Everything Back

Everything they left with or ended up buying while they were away doesn’t need to return home. For starters, they are only there for three months, and they won’t need all that stuff. Start looking into some storage facilities for the less important items.

There are several different types of self-storage facilities, so choose one that caters to your specific needs. Finding one sooner rather than later is best because you and your college student won’t be the only ones trying to find a spot to store their belongings.

Ask What Their Plans Are

Yes, they had a long two semesters, and they deserve a break. But you also don’t want them to laze about for the entire summer. They need to stay active and proactive. Ask them what their plans are for the next few months and see how you can assist them.

Maybe they plan to look for a job so that they can return to school with some extra cash. Or maybe they want to take a couple of summer courses to get ahead. Let them have a couple of weeks to sleep in, and then help them figure out their next steps.

Stock Up on Food

Take this final tip very seriously. If you thought puberty was bad, you haven’t seen anything yet. The appetite of a college student is serious business. Their bodies had gotten used to snacking at all hours of the day and night because they needed the fuel for those rigorous study sessions.

Stock up on food because just when you think they’re full, they’ll be looking for something new to eat. Incorporate some healthy snacks into their diet because they need to return to school with that same habit. If they’re going to pig out, at least make sure it’s nutritious somehow.

You’ve missed them, and they’ve missed you. Follow these tips for moving your college student back home for the summer so that you can focus on enjoying the time you have with one another.


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