Helping Your Kid Prepare for College


Helping your child prepare for college is probably one of the most important, nerve-wracking, and exciting things you can ever do, so it is only natural that you may be struggling with what to do for the best. That’s why I’ve put together a brief guide of things you can do to help them make the tough decisions and get through the college experience unscathed, as best you can…

Talk about their dreams

One of the biggest decisions your kid will have to make is which course and which college to choose. This decision could potentially change their whole future, so it is important that you talk with them to see what they hope to do in the future, and what they need to do to achieve that in terms of the right degree and the best college to give them the best chance. If they plan to go on to further education post-college, you may even need to talk to them about the difference between MHA and MHS degrees, and what is required to get onto each course, so they can make an informed decision. Basically, help them work out what they want, and talk over the best ways to achieve that with them.

Help them with a budget

Finances are one of the biggest issues for many kids at college, so it is a good idea to prepare them for sensible spending before they head off to college. One of the most useful things you can do in this respect is to help them to create a budget that ensures the basics like rent and food are covered while leaving a little over for them to have some good clan college-based fun, after all, you’ve had plenty of experience adulting, and dealing with finances over the years, and they probably haven’t!

Buy them some essentials

Stocking up on essentials like toiletries, a first aid kit, clean sheets, and anything else they may need to get by in their dorm room until their settled is a really good idea that will help to take some of the anxiety away from them, and you, before they head off to college. It can also be a great bonding experience just before you send them off, so it is something that you really shouldn’t skip, even if they insist they can get everything they need themself because you’re their parent and you know better than most what they need, and as well as dryer sheets and ramen noodles, they need you! Maybe consider buying them some apparel to help them get into the habit of representing their college and showing school pride.

Teach them basic life skills

Whether it’s teaching them how to cook a few basic meals or showing them how to operate the washer-dryer, make sure that you teach them any life skills that may have passed them by before they head off to college and have to try to figure it out themself. You’ll avoid many a disaster on their behalf by doing so.


Sending your kid off to college can be tough on you all, but you can help them better prepare by doing all of the above, and it will help you to set your mind at ease too!


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