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Is Your Thermostat Setting Damaging Your Health?

Room temperature is one of the biggest causes of concern in an office. Everybody has a different idea about what the perfect temperature is and it can be a contentious issue, but apart from feeling slightly uncomfortable, the temperature of a room doesn’t affect you that much, does it? You might be surprised to know that it does. A room that’s either too hot or too cold can have impacts on your health in ways that you would never have considered. Here’s how you could be affected if the temperature in your home or office is wrong.



Sleep is one of the areas where you’re affected most by temperature. As a rule, you should sleep in slightly colder conditions but some people are taking it too far. When you go to sleep your brain is attempting to achieve a specific body temperature that is right for sleeping. If you’re making it too cold in the room it’ll struggle to get there. Equally, if you’re turning the heat up and making the room hot, your body will struggle to reduce its temperature. During the summer months, you need to make sure that you know how to keep the room cool. Visit for some great information about how to do it without wasting money. During the colder parts of the year, it can be tempting to put the heating on full and grab a load of blankets but this won’t do you any favors. Heat the room enough to be comfortable but if you find that you’re having trouble dozing off, play around with the temperature and find what works best for you. Lack of sleep has so many knock on effects on your health it’s vital that you get your 8 hours in.


The wrong temperature can have a big impact on people’s productivity in the workplace. Recent studies showed that people were far more likely to make mistakes at a temperature of 77 degrees than they were at a temperature of 68 degrees. The actual temperature difference wouldn’t have been that noticeable to the people in the office but it had a huge impact on the effectiveness of their work. Visit for more information on the best temperature.

The reason that this happens is that when a person is cold, their body makes an effort be more active in an attempt to warm up. This means that you become more alert, lots of companies have started making a conscious effort to make rooms a little colder to make sure people are concentrating better.



Temperature also has a big effect your mood. When you’re too hot your body is working hard to cool down, this makes you feel tired and lethargic. If you’re already in a bad mood or stressed out, being hot makes it so much worse and in more extreme cases could contribute to serious stress related illnesses. When the room is at the optimum temperature, your body can relax properly because it doesn’t need to regulate its temperature. This allows you to focus entirely on whatever it is that you’re doing.


Your thermostat setting doesn’t seem that important but it can have serious effects on your health so maybe you should think about it a bit more.

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