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A Mom’s Guide To Helping Your Children Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Nobody likes dealing with a grouchy child, particularly if they’re grouchy and sleepy. In fact, there’s just something not right about a sleepy child. Children should be full of energy from the moment they wake up. So, if yours isn’t, then they’re probably not getting a good night’s sleep.

In which case, you need to read this little guide to helping out your little ones:


Make Their Bed Comfortable

Children can be very fussy, and they’ll struggle to get to sleep if their bed isn’t comfortable enough. On the other hand, a comfy bed sends them to sleep in minutes. It’s all about finding ways to make your child’s bed as comfortable as possible, so they can’t help but close their eyes and nod off when their head hits the pillow.

There are three main concerns here; mattress, pillow, duvet. In my opinion, children sleep better on softer mattresses. Not too soft, but definitely leaning more to the soft side than the firm one. The best mattress for kids should give them enough support, but allow them to feel like they’re lying on a fluffy cloud. As for the pillow, it needs to follow suit. Don’t be too hard, try and keep it nice and soft. Finally, the duvet should be a really thick thing that they can lose themselves in. Now, you’ve created the perfect bed to elicit a good night’s sleep.

Get Them Into A Routine

Children have a much easier time getting to sleep when they’ve got a good routine. I used to hate it when my parents told me it was time for bed, but now I know the benefits of an actual bedtime!

Putting your child to bed at the same time every night gets their body into a particular rhythm. Slowly but surely, they adjust to the routine and feel tired at the same time every night. When it nears their bedtime, they’ll automatically feel drowsy, and be ready to sleep right away. Without a routine, their body clock is all over the place, and they could take ages to fall asleep.


Stop Them From Drinking Before Bed

While you should try and keep your children hydrated, bedtime isn’t the right time for a glass of water. If your kids are drinking close to bedtime, they’ll end up waking up loads during the night to go to the toilet. Or worse, they’ll give you some bedsheets and pajamas to add to the washing basket!

All you have to do is stop your children from drinking around about an hour before they go to bed. This is when the last cup of water or hot chocolate should be given out. It should stop them from needing to pee during the night, meaning they don’t get a disrupted sleep. They should sleep all the way through to morning, which is the best way to sleep!


You don’t need me to tell you how important sleep is for your child’s health. It helps them grow, rest, re-energize – it’s just essential. Follow the advice above, and you will see improvements in their sleep pattern.

Disclosure: This is a contributed post.


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  4. Bianca
    April 4, 2019 at 12:07 am

    Yes, but this is applicable for certain ages. The very young ones tend to keep aware for the whole night.

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