The Right Ways To Add Value To Your House


You’re probably reading this because you are a homeowner, and you’re interested in increasing your home’s value. Let’s face it: most homeowners want to boost the value of their properties in case they decide to sell their homes in the future.

As you might expect, a home’s value will depend on many factors. For example, one factor influencing a property’s value is its location. If it’s a house near a big town or city, it can be more valuable than a property that isn’t so close to various amenities.

There’s not much you can do about those types of influential factors. But, there are several other examples where you can take action because they are changes you can make to your property. Here’s a few of them for you to consider:

Invest In New Windows

One of the ways that windows can influence a property’s value is purely down to their curb appeal. Modern windows, or new ones that may have period features, look nice when you’re outside.

Another consideration to make is that investing in new windows means you improve your home’s insulation properties. That in itself will add value to your property, especially when you get new windows fitted by a home window installation company.

If your windows are looking lackluster and a coat of paint won’t help matters, or they let in a lot of cold air from outdoors, now is the time to think about getting them replaced.

Invest In New Doors

Another way to boost your home’s resale value is by investing in new exterior doors. As you know, external doors must be solid and secure, and they should also prevent cold air from outdoors from entering your home.

The value of any house will rise if you’ve invested in new, modern doors that offer excellent security and heat retention properties. If you live in a period property, for example, the good news is you’ll find new doors that are sympathetic to your home’s styling and design.

It’s not just standard exterior doors you should consider upgrading. It’s worth investing in new patio doors and garage doors for the same reasons.


Paint The Exterior

It’s no secret that the elements can cause a home’s exterior to look unmaintained, and if your exterior paintwork isn’t looking at its best, you will find that your home’s value will become diminished.

That’s why it makes sense to paint the exterior and ensure your home looks fresh and well-maintained. You could get some long ladders and paint your home yourself, or you could pay a painting contractor to do the work for you.

Irrespective of who does the work, make sure that good quality weatherproof paint gets used on your home’s exterior. Doing so will ensure your exterior walls and surfaces have a fighting chance against the elements.

Before choosing either option, keep in mind that your neighbors might not approve if you select a color that isn’t in keeping with other properties in your street. That’s because it could affect the resale value of both your home and that of your neighbors.

Remodel Your Kitchen And Bathroom

There’s no denying that your kitchen and bathroom are two of the most commonly used rooms in your house. They get used each day, and if you’ve got several people sharing your home, they’ll get used several times throughout the day and night.

General wear and tear can result in kitchens and bathrooms not looking at their best, which can ultimately affect a property’s resale value. Therefore, it’s a good idea to remodel your kitchen and bathroom with the help of someone like thebuildwellgroup.com when yours needs replacement or upgrades.

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling can undeniably cost a lot of money. However, there are some steps you can take to keep your costs down.

For instance, one idea might be to paint the fronts of cabinets and the tops of counters in your kitchen. Such a simple update can transform the look of any kitchen and make it look more modern and fresh.

You could do something similar in your bathrooms as well. You can consider many options to keep your kitchen and bathroom remodeling costs low.

Keep Your Home’s Exterior Clean And Attractive

Imagine if there are two houses in the same street that look identical. One has a manicured lawn free of weeds, doesn’t have moss growing on paths and driveways, and is kept clean at all times.

The other house has seldom had any external maintenance and has weeds growing out of control. What’s more, the lack of exterior maintenance has meant the house has a very low curb appeal. Which house is likely to attract a higher purchase price?

As you can imagine, putting effort into keeping your home’s exterior clean and attractive will help boost its value. If you conduct routine maintenance of your home’s exterior, it won’t take long to ensure everything looks as it should.

Make Your Home Greener

Another idea to increase the value of your house is by looking at ways of making it greener.

These days, there is growing emphasis on lowering a home’s carbon footprint, and an effective way to do that is by looking at concepts like solar power and ground source heating.

Why are those ideas good ways of increasing your home’s value? Firstly, it gives buyers a ready-made solution for decreasing their carbon footprint. Secondly, such concepts are significant investments, and potential buyers won’t need to absorb such costs.

Finally, anyone that buys your home will make significant savings on their energy bills if they can use solutions like solar power and heating.

Check For Structural Defects

Last but not least, have your house checked for any significant structural defects. Doing so will ensure that any problems can get identified and rectified. Otherwise, you will find it almost impossible to sell your house if it has unresolved structural issues.

You may find you also have a legal obligation to disclose if your house has any structural defects. In short, get your house checked and fix anything that needs resolving.


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