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Ahhh. The Notebook. Whenever this love story is discussed between family and friends, the conversation instantly turns to romance, passion, and what the idea of love should be and is. Every single woman, young and old alike, wished for and hoped to find a man like Noah one day. Every single guy who dared watch this movie with a girl or even alone wished for the same when it came to Ally. Everyone I have ever had the pleasure of talking to says they enjoyed the scene where they are sitting in the boat surrounded by birds or the scene where Noah hangs off the Ferris wheel just to prove himself worthy enough to get a date with Ally.

For me, my personal love of the movie lies elsewhere: the infamous Notebook house. It’s where these two young lovers shared some of their first intimate moments together. It’s where he spent so much time after he returned home from the war. The house itself is what brings the two back together again after Noah’s renovations are mentioned in the local newspaper. Noah put so much sweat, love and I’m sure tears into that house. Keep in mind that he did this all the while not knowing if he’d ever see Ally again. When she comes back into his life, they share even more special moments there. I thought it was so sweet that he gave her the painting room she had always wanted.

Aside from that, what girl wouldn’t want the man she loves to build or fix up a home for her? I know I would.


Thanks to Groundworks, you can now get a more up close and interactive personal look at the Notebook house and learn more details about it that you may not have known before. I know I learned quite a few things. If you haven’t read the book or watched the movie, I HIGHLY recommend that you do both.


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