The Big Quarantine Clean Up


For the last couple of months, many of us have been asked to spend more time at home. This has seen husbands and wives working from their kitchens or dining rooms and children out of school every day, running around the house and in the garden. In our usual routine, our homes can get quite messy but, in quarantine, we’ve continuously been living in one space, so maybe it’s time for a post-spring cleanup! 

Unless you are Mary Poppins, you probably haven’t had the time to keep on top of every household chore. Just because you have been at home more, doesn’t mean you have suddenly had the time to get on top of all your washing and dust down every blind in the house. Many people have found the high amount of constant traffic through their homes 24/7 has made it harder to keep on top of it all. 

Little jobs such as cleaning down the walls in your hallway, might usually not be too bad. But with children rushing about all day – closer inspection might show you there is a blur of grey fingerprints all over your pristine white paint. If this is the case, then using washing-up detergent will help to lift the grease without damaging your paint too much. You don’t want to over scrub at the wall so you could try gently applying a neat detergent to the worst stains, leaving it a few minutes and then using a soft sponge with warm water to lift the marks away. 

If the kids have been using your outbuildings as a place to play during the day, then get out there for a good scrub down. If you didn’t ask yourself which type of garage flooring is easier to clean when you moved into your home, don’t panic. Using a pressure washer to blast off any heavy traffic marks will lift away most issues. Consider investing in some modular storage boxes and encourage your kids to put everything away that they have used in the garden, before coming into the home. 

Your washing machine has probably had a bit of a beasting too! Using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar in your detergent draw, run a normal cycle and your machine will be sparkling clean again. The vinegar and bicarbonate work together to break down the grease which sticks to your plumbing and the drum. They eliminate odor too. It’s best to run an empty cycle with this combination once a month to keep your washing machine fresh and your clothes even cleaner. 

Finally, this might also be an excellent time to have your carpets shampooed. You can either hire a professional or rent your own machine and do them yourselves. You’ll be amazed by how different they look after a clean like this! 

Take some time and give your house a really deep clean when quarantine comes to an end. After the last few months, your home deserves it!


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