5 Ways To Eliminate Spiders In Your Home


Spiders are great for pest control, right up until they become the pest. If your house is suddenly hosting some very unwanted spider guests, and you find your kids suddenly have some not-so-imaginary friends hanging out in their rooms, it’s time to battle the 8-legged creatures and get rid of them once and for all.

Here are 5 ways you can eliminate a spider problem in your home:

Make it a less hospitable place for the spiders

Spiders congregate in places that are heavily wooded or places that they have lots of hiding places that are easy to capture unsuspecting food. Remove any firewood that is stacked by your home, and clean all piles of outdoor things like rocks away from your house.  

If you’re dealing with significant reoccurring spider problems, you may need to look at what you’re growing near your home. Hedges, ivy, and trees that lurk near the perimeter of your home offer ideal hiding spots for the arachnids, and you may want to re-think how you decorate your yard. Here’s a list of plants that spiders tend not to enjoy. 

Close entry points

The spiders lingering in your home probably weren’t polite enough to knock on your front door and ask if it would be alright for them to stay awhile. If they did, those are some incredibly gracious pests. Spiders creep in through openings that you are likely not aware even exist. If you have a significant spider issue, caulk any cracks in your home’s foundation, where spiders often find their entry in. 

Additionally, make sure the screens in your windows are well fitted. There’s nothing quite as refreshing as opening a window on a spring day to let in the fresh air, as long as you’re not also letting in some unwanted creepies and crawlies. By making sure your screens are secure, you’ll also reduce any flying insects, which spiders love to munch on. 

Keep eaves and windows clean

If your eaves and walls look dirty to you, they look quite inviting to a spider. Using soapy water and a mop or broom, or by renting a power washer, get into all the cobwebby areas of your exterior to get rid of spider egg sacs. Removing their homes and their offspring will reduce the next season of spiders that want to make your home theirs.  

Turn off outdoor lights

Spiders are a little shy of the spotlight, so turning off your porch lights isn’t going to scare them off. However, porch lights attract a spider’s meal, so seeing spiderwebs near a porch light is fairly common. By keeping these lights off, moths and gnats won’t be attracted to your entryways, and in doing so, spiders will choose a different area to hang out. This will also combat any flying pest issues that you might be experiencing near your entry points. 

Call the pros

If you have a full-on spider infestation, don’t deal with it yourself. Call a professional spider pest control company, and discuss what kind of options are available to eliminate the pests, including cleaning around the home, removing current spiderwebs, and using various chemicals to ward off your home from the unwanted critters.


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