The Benefits of Birth Affirmations While Pregnant

One of the most powerful tools an expecting mother can carry in her toolbelt is varied and positive birth affirmations. When she takes the time to practice these effective but simple sayings, she begins to believe and embody the concept behind each affirmation. In this article, we discuss the benefits of birth affirmations and why it’s vital to begin using them while you’re pregnant.

What Are Affirmations?

Let’s dive deep into affirmations. Affirmations, on the surface, are brief sentences with a positive character. These are statements, not suggestions or questions, and definitely not hesitations. Each statement you make is an intense desire or belief that is repeatable and designed toward a want, wish, or need.

So why are these statements so essential during pregnancy or birth? Well, in any situation where a lot of fear is circulating and doubts are present, you can apply a series of affirmations to help calm your nervous system and tell the brain that you are safe. These simple and bold statements can also encourage fierce confidence within an expecting mother, specifically as she enters this marathon of an event known as labor.

The Benefits of Birth Affirmations

One of a woman’s most vulnerable events and processes she may endure is childbirth. By stimulating the mind-body relationship with birth affirmations, she can embody a safe environment for herself and her baby to enter the world without hesitation, doubts, or fears.

Why does this matter? Birth is complex. There is no way to know the outcomes. By preparing the mind beforehand, you can align yourself with a positive experience regardless of potential outcomes.

A few examples of birth affirmations include:

  • I welcome the body’s process with ease.
  • My baby and I are safe to surrender.
  • I am healthy, and my baby is strong.
  • My body is designed to give birth.
  • I trust my care team.
  • I can do this.


Affirmations Are Individualized and Focused

An expecting mother typically has her desired birth situation mapped out well before she reaches full term. For instance, planning a water birth means understanding that this process is 100 percent natural. Focusing on mental preparations is one of the best ways to unfold the fears surrounding birth and trust the process while in the water.

Consider buying a stack of note cards on which you can write your statements, then flip through your note cards daily throughout your pregnancy. This repetitive recall of each birth affirmation can help turn any negative feelings into positive thoughts and help mentally prepare you for what’s to come. You can also have these notecards at your side during your laboring to help bring ease and flow to the process.

Undoubtedly, preparing for labor and delivery comes with some unique challenges. It’s essential to note that any work you do will bring you one step closer to holding your precious new baby. By understanding birth affirmations and focusing on them while pregnant, you are helping yourself overcome fears. Use affirmations to surrender to the process and trust that you are safe, regardless of where you plan the birth.


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