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Teenage Nightmare: Hosting Your Daughter’s First Slumber Party

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While you might think looking after toddlers is a task in itself, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Hosting your daughter’s first slumber party is, in some ways, much like a birthday party. There’s the same amount of preparation, and your daughter is going to stress a lot before the first guests arrive. But what can you do to make sure that it goes off without a hitch, but also make sure that your house doesn’t look like it’s been hit by a bomb?

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation!

It’s got to be perfect, and your daughter will continually reinforce this idea. So why don’t you spare yourself and your daughter some tears and get the provisions well in advance? From sprinkles to impromptu makeup kits, as well as making sure you brush up on your own makeup application skills because they will be called upon.

Provide Adequate Entertainment

If you got the space, a home theater will provide ample entertainment for the evening. If you can delegate one room to be party central, that will give you the opportunity to clean up the mess as you go. Making sure that the entertainment is thick and fast, and is as diverse as possible. From karaoke to movies, to the most up-to-date Spotify playlists imaginable.

Get Some Help

If you’ve got a friend that can help to apply makeup, but can also sympathize with your situation, then bring them on board! It can feel quite stressful having a group of teenage girls take over your house, but you need someone on your side to quietly reassure you that “everything is going to be fine.”

Boundaries Are Important

You might learn a thing or two about your daughter during the party, not least their skills at reciting swear-laden Nicki Minaj songs, which you need to keep an open mind about, at least right now! But, there has to be a time when you need to be the mom who has to make those empty threats about what happens if they don’t go to bed soon. It’s important to be this mother, because if the party goes on until 4 in the morning, the other parents aren’t going to be particularly impressed with your parenting skills, and it will seriously damage your daughter’s reputation. Like, totally!

You Will Feel Hungover Tomorrow!

You will run the gamut of post-party emotion, and it’s going to feel like the biggest hangover ever. The sugar high gives way to a crashing low, your lack of sleep will weigh heavily on you, and no doubt your daughter is going to feel the same! Take this opportunity for you and your daughter to cozy up on the couch, eat junk, and watch as many episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians as you can.


Immediately afterward, you might regret letting your daughter have a slumber party in the first place! But as the days, weeks, and months go by, all the photos and memories fantastic evening will make it all worthwhile. Of course, until next year that is!


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