Spoiler Alert: Four Things That Can Ruin Your Summer Gathering


With the calendar ticking over into the second half of the year, most of the summer lies ahead of us and offers the opportunity for some of the best evening gatherings we’ve all been looking forward to. Everyone enjoys the simple pleasures of a summer evening in the garden, with the grill cooking up some delicious treats and everyone letting their hair down. Of course, where there is the chance for an evening of fun, there is always the possibility of fun being spoiled – and it’s worth being prepared for the worst of it, so let’s look into some of the hazards to summer partying.

Covid. Yes, still…

Although you, and everyone you know, may have been vaccinated by now, it’s just worth reiterating a few things. Yes, having had both shots means you’re as protected as it’s really possible to be. What it doesn’t mean is that you can’t catch the virus, or that you can’t pass it on. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a gathering, just consider how to plan for distancing – and if you’re going to be near unvaccinated people in the near future, make sure that you’ve got some ideas on how to avoid the risk of transmission.


No party is improved by uninvited guests, and this can refer to people who show up unannounced and ruin the vibe, or it can equally mean smaller interlopers, some of which may be able to sting your guests. Keep an eye out as you’re preparing for the occasion, and if there are more signs of unwelcome visitors than usual, call pest control to ensure that the pest guests won’t be showing up in big enough numbers to cramp your style on the big evening.

Sun exposure

Yes, a certain amount of sun on your skin can feel very liberating after the 18 months we’ve had. And a certain amount is fine. However, it’s important to make sure that there are enough shaded areas around the garden to offer people respite from risks such as sunburn, sunstroke, and dehydration – which, if the alcohol is flowing, can be a real problem. Sunscreen should be applied every two hours, although it’s not much to worry about once the sun goes down, obviously!


On the other hand, while too much sun can lead to a prompt end to your garden party, nothing will bring it to a halt faster than the heavens opening. Any time from as long as two or three days before the party, keep a close eye on the weather forecast for the evening in question. Take an even keener interest in the 24 hours before the party, and have a plan in mind for an alternative if the rain shows up. While taking it indoors might have been a good idea for every summer up to and including 2019, it’s more dicey now – but if the numbers are more selective, it’s still an option.


All of us are looking forward to a more social summer than 2020 could offer us. As long as you plan for the inconvenient events above, you can enjoy a gathering to remember.


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