Small Kitchen Improvements That Can Make a Big Difference

Kitchens are often seen as a functional and practical part of the home. You’re there to prepare and cook food then wash the dishes–nothing more. However, being able to carry out that function with style and reliability can also be important. In addition, many of us spend a surprising amount of time in our kitchens, especially if we cook our own meals on a regular basis. In fact, some people often have breakfast tables or chairs against our kitchen counters, turning them into dining areas as well. This makes the kitchen a common place to meet your roommates or family members.

Our kitchen is undoubtedly an important area of our home, which is why we’ve put together a couple of small kitchen improvements that could make a big difference.


Get A Larger Cutting Board

One of the easiest and most practical upgrades you could invest in is a large cutting board. Preparing ingredients becomes so much easier when you have a large surface area to work with. You don’t need to fiddle about with a small plastic cutting board and you won’t risk damaging your kitchen countertops.

Add To Your Cooking Area

If you cook on an auto-ignition gas stove or electric cooker, you will mostly be happy with your cooking appliance setup. But, that does not necessarily mean you are comfortable and happy in the entire setup itself. By adding a place to sit to read your recipe book or in between cooking preparations, the area will feel more comfortable and inviting. You can also add your favorite recipe books to grab when you want inspiration or fill the space with your favorite flowers. Anything that you love, you should add as you want the cooking space to be a place that brings you joy.

Don’t leave your gadgets laying around on the counters

Kitchen gadgets are all the rage these days because they’re practical, functional, and help immensely with prep times. Unfortunately, most of them only serve a single purpose in the kitchen such as chopping things, chopping in a different way, peeling, or spiralizing. As such, you might find yourself using your gadgets a little less than you might think. It’s best to keep your kitchen gadgets in their own drawer, especially if they have a niche use. This will keep your counters clear and will help keep your gadgets clean for when you need to use them.

Start growing your own herbs

You can grow herbs in pots and place them around your kitchen or near a window for sunlight. Freshly-cut herbs taste much better than dried or chilled varieties and they don’t take much effort to grow. They also add a bit of color to your kitchen which is always appreciated.

Add under-cabinet lighting

Kitchen cabinets are a staple in any kitchen for extra storage, but it does create a bit of unused space above your kitchen counters. Adding under cabinet lighting is a great way to use that space. It helps to light up your counters to highlight the countertops, it makes it easy to find things at night without having to turn on the kitchen lights, and it adds a bit of unique ambiance to your kitchen.

Changing the backsplash

Of all the kitchen renovations you could attempt, changing your backsplash is probably one of the easier ways to give your kitchen a completely new look. Backsplashes tend to get a little worn out and might look dated if you’ve had the same one for many years. Switching it out doesn’t take much time and it’s a great way to add a bit of style and color to your family kitchen.


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