Six Ways The Universe Is Telling You That You’ve Found Your Forever Home

For families, one of the biggest challenges is finding a home that works for everyone. When you’re childless, where you live doesn’t matter so much. But the moment you start having babies, things change, and your requirements expand exponentially.

Knowing when you’ve found your forever home isn’t always clear, though. You often think that you’ve found the perfect property, only to discover that it wasn’t quite what you wanted.

The purpose of this post is to help clarify the situation. Here are some of the signs the universe sends telling you that you’ve found your dream home.

It Still Offers Room To Expand


Here’s one sign that you’ve found your forever home: there’s still plenty of space to expand.

Perhaps, for instance, the cellar is ripe for conversion, or maybe the loft is crying out to be transformed into a bedroom. Whatever it is, the property still offers plenty of room for you to grow – and that’s a good thing.

You Have Space For All Your Hobbies

Besides kids, hobbies are one of the most powerful motivating factors that people consider when choosing housing. They want space to be able to indulge themselves – and rightly so!

Forever homes always have space for hobbies, whether it is a garden shed or all your gardening equipment or a spare bedroom for a model railway set.

There’s Space To Work

Different types of homes offer different features. But something buyers want today more than ever before is space to work. With remote working becoming the norm, people need separate offices that remove them from the family environment and allow them to concentrate on the task at hand.

You’ve Built Bespoke Storage Into Awkward Places

Here’s another telltale sign from the universe that you’ve found your forever home: you’ve built storage into all the tiny nooks and crannies in your house.

Usually, most people wouldn’t do this because they would be planning on moving to a bigger property in the future. But if you are investing heavily in storage space for your home right now, it’s a big sign that you aren’t planning on moving on any time soon.

You Keep Getting Luxury Renovations

People who live in properties short-term don’t usually renovate them to a high standard – there’s usually no point because they aren’t going to benefit. But if you’re planning on staying in a location for decades or the rest of your life, then it does make a lot of sense.

Fitting the kitchen with luxury appliances or adding marble to the bathroom is a sure sign that you’ve found your forever home and are living in it right now. Remember, actions speak louder than words.

You’re Not Thinking About Your Next Move

Most people see themselves as climbing the so-called “property ladder” as they accumulate savings and equity. But sometimes, you forget about the idea entirely and just accept that the house you occupy is now your “home.” This isn’t something that you can force, but it does happen when you create happy memories.


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