Simple Ideas To Transform Your Home Into A Modern And Convenient Space

Our home should be a place where we feel our happiest. Although you can take a trip to your favorite coffee shop for your favorite drink or to the lake to sit and read, we spend most of our time in our home. Hence, it should be a space where we feel the most at peace and content. 

Should you feel that your home isn’t fulfilling your needs, then you might want to consider tweaking some elements so that you can make it feel more timeless, modern, comfortable, and convenient. 

From reasons to declutter your home to simple tweaks you can make, here is how to transform your home into a modern, comfortable, and convenient space. 


A new bathtub

A bathroom is a place in the house where you will spend a lot of time. From getting ready to having a pamper session, we rely on our bathrooms for multiple reasons. Hence, tweaking some of the features will make the space feel more modern, appealing, and convenient. 

A simple tweak that can make a huge difference is to transform your wash space. 

A bathtub remodel could completely transform your bathroom. You might not need to update the tiles or the flooring. Simply changing the bathtub could transform your bathroom from something outdated to a modern haven. A freestanding bath is one of the most modern options for a bathtub. They make the bathroom look more expensive and modern while not having to spend a lot of money. 

Add more storage space

A great home improvement hack is to add more storage space. Without enough storage space, you will notice that you have too much stuff lying around on the floors, the sides, and more. Hence, you can make your home feel more modern and appealing by storing stuff away and out of space. 

Adding storage to every room will allow you to tidy up after yourself and maintain a tidy home. This will bring lots of freedom and cleanliness, which will make you feel more at peace at home. 

Being surrounded by a lot of stuff can hinder your relaxation and peace. 

Some ideas for storage spaces include:

  • Floating bookshelves
  • Floor to ceiling cupboards
  • Shoe trays 
  • Sink tidy
  • Ottoman storage 
  • Bookshelves

Floating shelves are one of the best features to add to a room to make it feel tidier and more modern. They will create the illusion of extra height and dimension, which will make the room feel larger. 

Plus, you can use them for anything you want from storing books to displaying artwork.

Paint with neutral colors

If you find that your home feels cluttered or outdated, then look around you and notice what colors the walls are. If you notice that they are dark and make the room feel smaller than it is, then you should consider painting it a lighter and more neutral color. 

Lighter colors will make a room appear much more open and spacious, which will make it feel more modern. The light will bounce off of the walls and make it feel bigger, sometimes bigger than it is. 

The more white space you have in your home, the larger and more open it will feel as a whole. Although you might not want to paint every wall white, painting as many as possible will ensure to make your home feel and look bigger. 

Design an open floor plan

Should your home feel old and dated, then it could be due to a lack of open space. The modern trend is to have an open floor design. This opens up the space and makes your rooms multi-functional, which many will find convenient. 

Although redesigning your floor plan and knocking down walls isn’t a quick fix, it will guarantee to make your home feel more spacious and modern. It doesn’t have to cost a lot. But, it is a good idea to ask a professional so that you get the job done right. The last thing you will want is the ceiling collapsing in on you and making more of an issue. 


Mirrors are an essential feature for any homeowner that wants to maximize the look and feel of their home. They create the illusion of more space as they help to bounce light around a room. 

You could add mirrors to the walls, on the floor, on the sides, or either with mirrored objects. The more mirrors/mirrored objects you have around the home, the larger the space will feel. 

To ensure that they work to their full potential, ensure to open up the window coverings all day every day. 

Minimal window coverings

Speaking of window coverings, these are another simple tweak to make your home feel more modern. The bolder and darker your window coverings are, the more they will hinder the spaciousness of your rooms. 

Hence, switching them for minimal and lighter options will help to let as much light pass through as possible. Sometimes taking the window coverings down will be the best option if you want to let in all the light. But, this might not be convenient for bedrooms. Hence, only do this in the rooms that a lack of window coverings can be convenient in. 

For the rooms that need window coverings, then opt for lighter colors and minimal materials. Linen curtains instead of thick cotton will allow more light in. This is a great stylistic choice that can work to make any room appear lighter and when used in combination with curtain rods made from designer metals, it can make a space appear lighter due to the reflective nature of the rod material, and likewise, white wooden blinds are a better option than dark fabric blinds, as they will ensure as much light can pass through as possible. 

Add plants

Plants are a feature in the home that not enough people take advantage of. Plants aren’t just for outside. They can offer many benefits inside too, such as:

  • Increasing the airflow. Plants can help to increase airflow in the home but offering more oxygen and soaking up the carbon dioxide. Hence, your home can feel fresher. 
  • More welcoming appearance. More plants around the home can make the space feel much more welcoming. They brighten up any corner of the home to make the space feel more inviting as well as relaxing. 

Simply adding plants to the kitchen window or the bathroom shelf can make a room feel much happier and fresher, which will make a space feel more modern. 

Add rugs

Although some might consider rugs as old fashioned, they can actually work to modernize a space if they are used right. 

A hard and cold wooden floor is not always practical nor inviting. Hence, you can soften up a wooden floor with a similar-toned rug. Doing so will make the room feel much cozier and more relaxing. 

Ensuring to opt for a statement color or a matching tone will make sure to modernize the room as opposed to make it feel dated. Should your room be minimal and neutral, then a statement rug can work. If the room is already bold, then opting for a rug that matches the color of the floor will be the most modern option. 

Soft closing doors

There is nothing worse than a door slamming while you are trying to relax at home. To prevent this from happening, you could add soft-closing mechanisms to all of the doors in your home. From your front door to your kitchen cupboard doors, you could add this mechanism and never have to hear a door slamming again. 

As well as providing convenience to a home, soft-closing doors will also make the home feel more modern. Many upscale hotels will use these mechanisms. Hence, you can attain that hotel feel at home. 

Make your entryway welcoming

A modern and peaceful home is one that has mastered the entryway. Should you arrive home to a cramped and dark entryway, then it will never make you feel relaxed the moment you walk in. 

Instead, transforming your entryway to feel welcoming and modern will make you feel at home the moment you arrive. You can attain that ‘and relax…’ moment every time you arrive home. 

Some ideas to help transform your entryway into a more welcoming area include:

  • Add automatic lights. When you arrive home, adding automatic lights will help you to find your keys and see where you are going. 
  • A small seat. Taking your shoes on and off while balancing on one foot is never fun. Hence, add a small seat to your entryway so that you have somewhere to sit. 
  • A small console table. No matter if your entryway is big or small, you can make it feel more convenient with a console table. It means that you will be able to put your keys down and always know where they are. 
  • A diffuser. There is nothing better than arriving home and your entryway smells amazing. It is easy to achieve this by adding a diffuser. It will emit smells throughout the day so that your home smells fresh/welcoming/flowery the moment you walk in. 

These simple tips and tricks can help anyone tweak their home and transform it into a more modern and convenient space.


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