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When Is The Right Time To Move Your Family To A New Home?

The family home is such an important part of your life. It’s a base for you to settle down and raise your children lovingly. A good family home environment can help your kids grow up into better people, with a better chance at succeeding in life.

With that being said, when is the right time to move your family to a new home? Is there even a right time at all? Should you try and stay in the same place all your life? Naturally, there are instances where your family may be forced to move, like if you have more children and physically can’t live in your house as it’s too small, or you run into money problems and have to downsize. You may be looking to move to an area that has much better access to a wide variety of restaurants, or shops, like the neighborhoods in West Knoxville for example. Of course, a quick internet search will allow you to find these neighborhoods nearer where you currently are, too, so you know you’re making the right decision before moving.

But, what about when you make the decision to move? When should you move home, and are there things to consider? Take a look at the points below to find out more…


Think About The Age Of Your Children

As a parent, I feel there are times in your kid’s life where they’ll suffer from a move more than others. A newborn baby or toddler isn’t going to have qualms about a move as they’re likely not even that aware of their home. Likewise, a young adult shouldn’t have issues as they’re about to go away to college anyway. It’s mainly bad for kids in school, and I think 5-8-year-olds have a tough time especially. They’ve just gotten used to their surroundings in life, and a move can disrupt this and make them sad. So, the best times to move are when your children are either very young or much older.

Look At The State Of The Property Market

Money matters, particularly when moving home. So, if you end up in a position where the property market is doing poorly, this could be beneficial for your family. All the great homes on the market are on offer at reduced prices, meaning you can bag a great deal. Here, it’s the right time to move as you can buy a new family home for hardly any money. From a financial perspective, when the property market isn’t booming, this is the right time to move.


Consider The School Situation

I mentioned it in the first point, and school is a huge consideration when you move. If possible, try and move somewhere that still allows your children to attend their school. Teenage kids can handle moving better than young ones, but they’ll mainly be affected by having to switch schools. It means making new friends, settling in again, and it can be hard for them during such an important time in their development. So, if you just want to move into a nicer home to raise your kids, then make sure you find ones close to their schools, so they haven’t got to leave.


When is the right time to move your family to a new home? It’s when everything aligns itself perfectly, that’s when. You have affordable homes on the market that are still in the same area you currently live in, and your children won’t be badly affected by the move. Only then will you be able to move your family and keep everyone happy.


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