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How To Revamp Your Home Without Redecorating

Sometimes you look around your home and think that everything is looking a little tired and dated. Maybe a fresh lick of paint or new carpet would spruce everything up a bit. The downside to this is that it takes a lot of time and effort to prepare everything for redecoration. Moving all your furniture and laying protective sheeting down can take nearly a whole day by itself. The question is, how can you inject new life into a room, without going through all the hassle of a full redecoration? Below are some simple tips to keep your home looking fabulous.



After your wallpaper/paint scheme and your flooring, your furniture is the most dominant aspect of your home decor. By changing it up a bit, you can give the impression of having had a full redecoration, without the hassle of hiring painters or giving up an entire weekend. Changing the style or theme of your room by adding some luxury furniture, or changing which wood you use for tables etc. can make a world of difference. Switching up fabric for leather, or vice versa can really change the mood of the room. You could think about going for a more modern feel or with clean lines and polished surfaces, or you could consider going retro with bold colors and curves. The choice is yours, and the possibilities are endless.


A slightly more cost-effective option could be the ornaments you use to decorate the room. This is particularly effective if you happen to have more neutral color schemes and furniture choices. You can create any number of themes by carefully choosing the style of ornaments in any given room. You could opt to go with a color scheme to add some bold accents to an otherwise simply decorated room; you could also go for a particular stylistic influence, whether that be sculptures and artwork by a particular artist, or finding a nice balance between bold, angular patterns and subtle curves.


Sometimes an overlooked element in interior decoration, your lighting choices can make or break a room. Depending on your chosen style and what the room is used for, you could have many options for your lighting. You could go for bright, clean lighting in a modern room to really compliment those sharp lines, or could go for more subdued, warm lighting to add a cozy feel. If you can’t decide what level of lighting you require, or you’d like some flexibility, adding a dimmer switch can give you the ability to clearly see what you’re doing when you need to, but also create a nice ambiance when you’re relaxing. Don’t forget to also consider the style of lighting you go for. Finding a lampshade that fits in with your chosen theme can really tie the room together.  Adding a modern, metallic light fitting to a rustic and cozy room would clash and take away from the overall effect.


Considering these three options before calling the decorators in could save you both time and money, whilst also keeping your home looking fresh, and keep those compliments from guests rolling in to boot.


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  1. Jen Rodrigues
    December 10, 2017 at 11:20 pm

    Great ideas. I love this. I always look for ways to revamp the home. Sometimes I do get bored.

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