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Down On One Knee – Perfect Proposals For Your Man

If something’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing it yourself, right? Well, it looks like many women now feel that way about popping the questions. There is currently a growing trend for women who are getting down in front of their boyfriends. It looks like most girls out there are sick of waiting for their guy to propose to them, so they are happily taking matters into their own hands.

Think that proposing to your boyfriend is something that you’d be happy to do? It would certainly hurry along the sound of wedding bells! If you are ready to knock tradition on its head and do the proposing yourself, you might like to use some of these great tips.


Make Sure He’s Ready

First of all, and most importantly, you need to make sure that your boyfriend is ready for marriage. Of course, you shouldn’t ask him outright about this, as it could ruin the surprise of your proposal. But there are some signs that you might be able to pick up on that will let you know whether or not he’s ready to settle down. One of the biggest signs is how he reacts to weddings and marriage in general. If he seems to be positive about the idea, then all should go well with your proposal.

You Don’t Need A Ring

Male engagement rings aren’t a thing, so you might be wondering what you should propose with. There are a few options for you. Men’s diamond bracelets provide a great alternative to a ring but are just as bling. If you want something less ostentatious, you might want to propose with a demure pair of cufflinks. But I wouldn’t stress too much about the item with which you propose – I’m sure whatever you surprise your guy with will put a big smile on his face!

Consider The Location

Next, you need to make sure you propose in the ideal location. Is there somewhere that has extra special meaning for the two of you? Maybe it’s the restaurant where you had your very first date or the hotel where you spent your first anniversary weekend? Somewhere with this kind of sentiment could make it extra special and meaningful when you do get down on one knee.

Expect Some Naysayers

As it’s still not too common for women to propose to men, you should expect to come into contact with some people who aren’t really sure why you are taking this matter into your own hands. In fact, some of your nearest and dearest might tell you that this isn’t the right way to go about things and that you should really wait for your boyfriend to pop the big question. But you need to remember that this is your life and you only get one shot at it. So you need to make sure you live it the way you want to – and if that means proposing to your boyfriend then do it regardless of what anyone else thinks!

Good luck!


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