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How to Move House With Kids, With Minimal Stress and Upset

Moving to a new house is always stressful. From making the sometimes-difficult decision to move, finding the right property, securing a mortgage and selling your old home, right up until moving day itself. Then, when everything is in your new home, it can take weeks, or even months to unpack, sort utilities and let everyone know about your change of address.

This all becomes much more stressful when you’ve got children. You may need to add moving school or finding a new childcare provider to your to-do list, and the move itself can be a nightmare. But, it doesn’t have to be so bad. It might just take a little more planning and preparation. Here are some tips to help you to move to a new house with kids without losing your mind.


Be Sure

Your kids pick up on your feelings and emotions a lot more than you might think. If you’re not sure about the move, you are upset about leaving your home, or worried about the new house; they will be too. If, however, you are excited, happy and looking forward to a fresh start, they too might feel more positive about the move.

Prepare, Prepare and Prepare

The kid to a stress-free home move, with or without kids, is preparation. There is an awful lot that you can get done before moving day to reduce the stress and make everything much easier. You can start packing, and even moving bits across if you’re not going far. You can look at schools and start setting up utility contracts as soon as you’ve got a move date. You can even start spending some time in your new home, decorating and dealing with problems. Look into extermination if you’ve got any infestation issues, hire a cleaning team or a skip to help you clear rubbish and do everything you can to make sure your new home is ready for your kids to live in.

Take the Kids

Obviously, if there’s work going on, you should keep the kids safely away. But, if it’s in good condition, take the kids as soon as possible. Let them spend time there, show them their room and the rest of their house. Look on Pinterest with them for some ideas and head to a DIY store to look at paints and décor ideas together. Let them help as much as you can. It’s also a good idea to spend time in the surrounding area if you are moving to a new location. Take them to parks, swimming, to museums and anything else near your new home that will interest them. Get them excited for the move.

Get Help

Moving day can be tough on everyone. But, it will be much easier if the kids aren’t around and you don’t have to worry about them. If possible, send them to stay with a grandparent for a night or two, or just get a babysitter for the day. It’ll make things much easier just having a few hours without them.

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