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Mommy Dearest! Quality Mother-Son Time Ideas He Won’t Hate!


While most bonding in families tends to be between the mother and the daughter, or the father and the son, what about the mother and the son?! Sometimes, mothers tend to avoid this aspect, especially when they are older, purely because they don’t have much in common! But, regardless of their age, you should make some effort to bond with your son, even if they may appear repulsed by the idea at first! And while it’s not about bribery per se, why don’t you try a few of these ideas, to try and bring them around?

Tickets To Their Favorite Event

Ok, this is a little bit of bribery, but by taking them in the car to see their favorite band or sporting event, you will win sufficient brownie points! The mainstay for most teenage boys is WWE wrestling, and it’s worth having a look on to see if there is an event near you anytime soon! While they are very unlikely to want to share their hobbies with you, it means you got to be a little bit sneaky, to begin with, and do a little bit of research and see what they really like right now. The look on their face when you spring the surprise means they’ll be eating out of the palm of your hands for at least a couple of months!

Get On The Console With Them

This is a very dangerous tactic, so be warned! There is nothing more a child doesn’t want to do than play computer games with their mother, but if you show you can put up a fight, in other words, practice, before playing with them, it will spur them on to be more competitive! So, instead of them letting you win, if you manage to beat them at their own game for the first couple of times, you will truly start to bond properly!

Go Watch A Movie

They may not want to be seen next to you at the movies, so, pick a DVD, or stream something that he has wanted to watch for same time, but you’ve not let them watch so they will view it as a treat. And, this may be a very good place to start, because you don’t have to talk during the movie, but just spend some quality time together. The more you do this, the more it becomes easier. And while you may feel utterly confused by the plot intricacies of The Force Awakens (here’s a crib sheet:, whatever you do, don’t ask your son what is going on! They will only get annoyed that you are talking through the movie, even though they’ve seen it hundreds of times!

Make Them Their Favorite Meal

If you are a health conscious mom, this may be a pleasant surprise for them when you spring their favorite meal upon them, especially when they were expecting disgusting broccoli. Or, maybe get them in the kitchen with you, because they will need to learn how to cook eventually. And what better way to spur them on than to get them to cook their favorite meal? Granted, once they’ve learnt how to make it, they will be in the kitchen constantly, but you’ve succeeded in making them self-sufficient, and also you are spending some quality time with them.


These are simple ideas for quality time with your son, but with each one, there is a sense of sneakiness behind it. Your son may not want to openly spend time with you, but if you can sneak it in here and there, gradually your bond will develop.

Disclosure: This is a contributed post.


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  1. Judith Watson
    November 17, 2017 at 10:48 am

    My son is grown, 22, and I’m still empty nesting lol. My favorite times were our “alone times” as we called them. Take advantage of every chance u get. Oh no, I’m crying now!

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