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How to Survive Long Car Journeys Without Going Crazy!

As we move steadily towards the Christmas period, it is likely that you have a long road trip or two in store. And when you are making this kind of journey with the whole family, stuck inside a cramped car for hours on end, it is very easy to drive each other crazy. Well, this guide is here to give you some ways to make those long journeys that little bit easier.

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Make Sure the Car is Ready to Go

Perform all the basic car maintenance tasks before you go such as filling up with petrol, checking the tire pressure and topping up with oil if needed. The last thing that you need along the way is to break down due to a problem that was easily preventable.

Plan Your Route

Even though we rely heavily on satnavs these, there is still something to be said for planning your route in advance – especially if it is one that you have never taken before. This way, you can work out some rest stops along the way where you can take some much-needed breaks. Make sure your kids all go to the bathroom before you head out on the trip, and try to make your rest stops evenly spaced-out. Of course, you may well end up needing to make one or two unscheduled ones along the way!

Arrange Entertainment for the Trip

Luckily, there are so many more entertainment options than there once were, so make the most of these where possible. Make sure that you have music playlists, audiobooks, and podcasts that you can listen to all together. Try to be diplomatic so everyone gets their turn choosing the entertainment. If your kids have iPads or similar devices, these can end up being a life-saver, even if you don’t want them using them for the whole journey.

Stock Up on Drinks and Snacks

Service stations always charge sky-high rate for their food and drinks, so make sure you are well stocked-up before you leave your house. Check out some good coolers, so you can make sure that everything stays fresh and chilled. Let everyone have their say of what they want to bring with them so there are no unnecessary arguments along the way!

Pack Useful Items in Your Glovebox

The first useful item that is worth investing in is a portable charger so that no one runs out of battery at any point along the way. Pack a flashlight just in case you have any car trouble along the way and need an extra source of light. Make sure that you still have the owner’s manual which can help you get out of a whole host of difficult situations.


Hopefully, you are now prepared to tackle long car journeys that little bit better. Essentially, this is all about proper preparation and ensuring you do everything you can to enjoy a hassle-free journey – or at least a trip with as little hassle as possible!


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