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Keeping Our Kids Healthy Without Them Knowing It


Following the making and then breaking of New Years Resolutions, one pledge we can all commit to is taking better care of our children.  

Here are a few simple tips how to keep your children healthy and happy in 2018:

Catch Enough Zzzzzzs

We know well and good how vital sleep is for good health. Rest is a mood regulator, as well as ensuring our metabolism is functioning as well as it can. It’s even more critical for our children to get enough sleep as while they sleep they grow. This is an excellent way of making sure they take themselves off to bed, by reiterating to them they will be taller just by sleeping!

Healthy Eating Doesn’t Mean Perfect Choices

It’s essential that parents don’t beat themselves up and become overly consumed by controlling everything their children eat. Children will have parties to go to, sweets handed out at school, even play dates at the cinema, so just do the best you can. By using the 80-20 rule, you can relax and understand children will be children. This rule states 80 percent of the time, you follow a healthy eating plan, while the other 20 percent of the time, having the grace and adaptability to live in the real world.

A Little Information Goes A Long Way

It is important to let your children know why adopting a healthy eating lifetime habit is necessary. By merely telling hem hey have to eat it or its “healthy” you may alienate them. Telling them certain foods make them big and strong may have a more positive impact. Our relationship with food starts when we are young so adopting good practices at an early age will stand them in good stead for adult choices for life. Fruit and vegetables are excellent sources of vitamins, though these can be supplemented with vitamin gummies for kids, a more straightforward way to get your children onboard with taking them.    

Work It Out

Most children require around an hour of exercise each day. Exercise is necessary for building both strong bones and muscles, for enhancing mood, to reduce stress and the most important, preventing life-threatening or changing diseases in the future. It has been shown that for children dealing with focus issues such as ADD, ADHD, or OCD, martial arts or ballet could be massively beneficial in regards to not only the exercise but also the focus it demands.

Water Way To Go

It’s a biological fact that the human brain is made up of 80 percent water. This being said, hydration is therefore vital, especially for young people. There is a natural and very visual way of making sure your children understand whether they are drinking enough water and that is for them to check their pee. If they are hydrated, then their pee will be clear, almost like water. If their pee is yellow its time to grab a glass of water. They will soon be in the habit of making sure they are drinking enough.

And Breathe

The quality of the air that we breathe could have a massive impact on not only our mood but also how well we think. It is important we look to keep that air as clean as possible. It is a difficult one to ascertain as unbeknownst to us, sometimes even the air in our own homes can be more polluted than outside. Open your windows, as the ether allows, and bring some of the outdoors indoors in the form of house plants which will circulate the air and filter it a little.

Sugar Sugar

It seems obvious but try to minimize the amount of sugar in your children’s diet. Sugar, proven to be more addictive than cocaine, interferes with the body’s ability to fight infection by suppressing the immune system.

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