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Five Resolutions For All Of The Family

Doesn’t time just seem to be flying? We’re in the middle of January and many of us may have already given up on some resolutions that we had planned for the year. But it is not too late. January can be a bit of a blur anyway, so if you want to set yourself some goals, then why not make some as a family? When there are a few of you aiming for the same thing, then it can make a massive difference in how successful you are. So here are some of the best family resolutions that you could set yourselves this year; which ones will you aim for?


Start a Weekly Tradition

Starting something new that you can all do each week is a great way to make sure that you have time together, as well as making sure that you establish some fun and memories as a family. From a family movie night each Sunday, to having pizza for dinner every Friday are just small things that the family can look forward to. They can be as adventurous or as simple as you’d like.

Take Care of Your Teeth

Teeth can be expensive to repair when things go wrong, and it is never too early to remind and inform our children of these issues. Though places like Family 1st Dental do welcome children and can make it a much less daunting experience, it is best to be going for a check-up, rather than to have a procedure. So new toothbrushes, paste, and floss could be a good way to get everyone excited for some shiny and healthy teeth.

ACS Birthday Fun Run


Volunteer More

Encouraging our children to care for others is wonderful to be doing as they grow and get older. But I’ll bet that there are plenty of opportunities in your local area that are in need of some volunteers. It could be helping at a food drive, a shelter, or even doing something like a charity walk or fun run to raise funds. Again, your children might not realize it, but they will be making memories alongside having fun.

Screen-Free Time

It can be scary just how much we as families of all ages are getting reliant on our screens and devices. Often, everyone can be in the same room but they’re all on some form of device. So deciding as a family to have a screen-free day or evening can be a good way to bond as a family and do something more worthwhile instead.

Go Green

Looking for more ways to help the environment as a family, is a great way to get kids involved and make them aware of what is all around them. You could get some new recycling bins for the kids to sort through the trash, as well as make your own natural cleaning products and laundry detergent perhaps. Use less electricity and perhaps even look to invest in solar panels if that would work where you live.


There are many options when it comes to family resolutions. But site down, decide them together, and you’ll be creating some amazing memories for your family too.

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