Is Your Little Baby A Model In The Making?


When you have had a baby it is only natural that you would want to show them off to the world. Your little bundle of love is going to have you bursting at the seams with sheer pride and joy. This is why so many parents opt to go down the path of baby modeling. There is money to be made in baby modeling however this is not the reason why most parents tend to embark on this journey. They love their baby and want to capture the precious moments while they are little and cute.

If you think your baby could be a hit in front of the cameras then this article is just for you. The good news is; when it comes to the world of baby modeling it is nowhere near as harsh or brutal as standard modeling is. Phew! There are no requirements. Your baby will not need to be a certain height nor a certain size. The only requirement is that they don’t mind the cameras. It also helps if they are well behaved as well. Nobody wants to spend the whole photoshoot trying to keep the child’s attention.

One of the most important things you need to do when getting your baby into modeling is to find the best agency. This is extremely crucial. Make sure the agency doesn’t try and take advantage of you. There shouldn’t be any upfront fees nor should you have to pay for professional shots. Do your research and see what other parents have had to say about the agency in question. This is the best way to get an honest assessment. Communication should be easy and frequent as well.

In addition to this, you will also need to think about what type of modeling you want your baby to be involved in. A lot of parents do not actually realize that there are so many different kinds of baby modeling to get into with the help of a baby photographer. The following four are the main types; catalog modeling, image library work, editorial work, and adverts/commercials. Let’s take a look at each one in a little bit more detail…

  • Catalog modeling – This involves your little one modeling for retailers. Thus they will be wearing different outfits and accessories.
  • Image library work – Image library work relates to lifestyle shots. Once these have been taken they will then be purchased by libraries. The libraries then sell the images to businesses that utilize the shots for commercial purposes.
  • Editorial work – If you want to see your little cutie on the front cover of magazines and alike then editorial work is what you will need to go for.
  • Adverts / Commercials – It is all in the name of this one. Adverts and commercials tend to be the most sought after because they pay well and usually all your child has to do is look cute and adorable.

To summarise, if you are interested in modeling for your baby then you must know the direction you want to go down and it is imperative you find a good agency to represent your child as well.


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