Is It Possible To Create An Easy To Clean Home?

Easy to clean homes seem like something of a myth. How can you stop dust from forming simply with the type of wood a bookshelf is made from? How can you prevent fingermarks and water stains on a shower wall depending on the glass used? Well, it’s all a matter of thinking about your interior design very carefully! 

Unfortunately though, we’re never going to be able to completely get rid of needing to clean. No matter how well designed a home might be, we need to go round with the vacuum or a mop at least once a week. Without a bit of TLC, any property will soon fall into disrepair. But that doesn’t mean we should be spending all our time cleaning up a home! 

And if you live in a property that you can renovate, you can make a few key changes that’ll help you keep the place clean with a lot less effort. Check out our suggestions below if you’re keen to cut down on the amount of time you spend clearing up after your family. Get them involved, switch out your interior design, and then sit back and relax! 


Eliminate as Much Carpet as Possible

Carpets are prime candidates for trapping dust, debris, stains, and bacteria. If you’ve got kids or pets, this is all the more true! So if you’re trying to redesign your home to be easier to clean, eliminate as much of the carpet on your floors as possible. 

Go for lino or hardwood instead, which can be easily mopped over and dried if something gets spilt or walked in. You can have a rug on the floor to make the rooms seem warmer and softer, but try to go for darker colors in these as well. A white fluffy rug is all well and good, but it’ll go brown or grey in a matter of weeks under these living conditions! 

Open Up Your Kitchen

Even in a small kitchen, if you open up the space, the room becomes a lot easier to keep tidy. Traffic throughout the home moves a lot easier, there’s nothing on the floor to get in the way, and you’ve got more room to add storage in the future. 

Although, while adding a bit more counter space is always a good idea, make sure an island counter doesn’t get in the way. You don’t want to trip over it, knock into it, or spill something out of a pot all the way down the sides. That happens more than you might think! 

Invest in a Smart Toilet

A smart toilet not only removes odor as it’s made, but they go some way to cleaning themselves too. Indeed, the best smart toilet technology on the market right now aims to neutralize as many airborne pathogens as possible, and the amount of those in your bathroom air can be countless! 

But if you invest in a toilet that works for you, your bathroom can become ten times cleaner in one simple move. You’ll still need to clean on a weekly basis just to uphold hygiene, but you’ll spend far less time in the bathroom each month.

Install Timed Exhaust Fans

If you have to turn the fans on yourself, mold is going to have a much easier time of growing. After all, you might forget to do so, or not leave the fan on for long enough to get rid of the moisture in the air. 

But if the fans are automated and come on with the light switch, or when the door is opened to the shower, or when a stove hob gets lit up, you’ll notice far less black or brown spots growing in the grout or on the walls. 

Paint with Gloss

If you want to make walls or cabinet doors easier to clean, coat them with gloss, rather than any other type of paint. They’ll catch far less dirt over time, grease and splashes will slide off, and the non-porous surface will help the wood beneath survive a bit longer. While white is the most popular, thankfully you can get gloss in a lot of colors, so you won’t be out of options here. 

Try to Keep Furniture Off the Floor

When furniture has no space underneath it, it’s going to be hard to bust the dust under there! So if you can, try to buy some new pieces that are lifted off the ground and provide plenty of room for the vacuum. 

This way you don’t have to get down on your hands and knees with a duster, which saves your back for another day! You can also install sideboards and sink cabinets that feature the same element; if you enjoy that ‘floating’ look, this is definitely an idea to try out. 

Think Carefully About Upholstery Materials

The material your couch is made out of, or the material your dining chairs are cushioned with, needs to be easy to wipe down. Think about this when you’re buying new seating arrangements for your home. If a stain can sink into the material and become a permanent feature, keep looking! 

Of course, you can always buy covers for your furniture to protect them. If you’ve got your heart set on super soft couch cushions, buy blankets or a throw to put over the top to keep the base safe. 

An Easy to Clean Home: Possible for You? 

Absolutely – an easy to clean home could be just around the corner! All you have to do right now is think about the worst chores you have to do on a regular basis, and then think about the best ways to change them! 


So, if you find cleaning under the bed awful, think about investing in something to either lift the bed up or buy an elevated frame. Interior design needs to be functional as well as pleasing to look at – go round your home with this idea in mind and see what you can change. 


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