Home Maintenance Checklist: Tips for Keeping Your Property in Top Condition

As a homeowner, maintaining your property can feel like a full time job, especially if you feel like once you’ve completed one task, another one crops up. Unfortunately, home maintenance isn’t something you can ignore, and the spring is the perfect time to carry out those odd jobs – especially those you’ve been putting off over winter.


Trim trees

If your garden is full of trees and shrubs, the spring is the perfect time to inspect them to see if they need a little trim to help them grow during the summer time. It might seem counterproductive, but trimming back trees and shrubs actually helps them thrive!

If you’re not sure about how much to trim them, or you’re worried about killing off a tree that you love, call a local arborist to come and assess the situation. For some trees and shrubs, waiting until later in the year is a better approach, but you may be able to get a head start on some of them to help them grow.

Clear drains

Nobody likes this job, and drains often get forgotten about because they’re below your property and as long as they are functioning how they should, you rarely think of them. However, cleaning your drains once or twice a year will help prevent any blockages and also stop any smells from organic matter from invading your property once the weather gets even warmer.

Cleaning drains isn’t a simple job, and unless you have the right equipment it’s not recommended you try it by yourself. Look for drain cleaning services in your area to come out, clear your drains, and leave you with that peace of mind for the rest of the year.

Clear your gutters

While this is usually a task many homeowners leave until the fall, keeping an eye on your gutters all year round is a good idea. Plus, in the spring, there’s a good chance that leaves and debris have filled your gutters during the winter time, and if your gutters are blocked, this could affect the infrastructure of your property.

Not only do full gutters mean they could overflow or even break away from your home, it could also result in water seeping into your walls, which could mean mold in your property. If you’re able to safely get onto your roof to clear your gutters, now is the perfect time to reset them ready for the year ahead. If you can’t safely do this, call in a professional.

Keep pests at bay

Finally, the warmer weather is a prime time for pests, so now is the perfect time to check those areas in your home that may have attracted them such as your basement or loft. Check for any areas of your home where pests could enter and seal them, and also ensure that your food is sealed and in an impenetrable pantry.

It’s also a good idea to make sure your exterior trash cans are sealed well, and think about installing lighting in your garden that repels pests.


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