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Intrigue on Rails: All Aboard for Murder Mystery Dinner Trains

Ever wanted to give your inner Sherlock Holmes a time to shine? Murder mystery dinner trains are a great way to put your detective skills to the test while enjoying a fun and memorable night. (Trains hold, after all, a special place in stories of mayhem and intrigue.) Here are some things to look forward to if you’re considering stepping aboard an evening of enigmatic entertainment.

A Two-In-One Show

There are plenty of dinner shows to satisfy your thirst for mysteries, but why not add some extra fun and go for a train ride, too? Most rides last a few hours, leaving plenty of time to enjoy dinner, take in stellar scenery and, of course, solve a murder!

A Fantastic Meal

Is there any greater incentive than food? Not only do you get a train ride and a show, but you also get an elaborate meal to fuel your clue-hunting brain. Take the Pinellas County Florida theater train, for example. A ticket to board includes a five-course meal with choices ranging from prime rib and salmon to a chef’s special inspired by the nearest holiday. Rest assured, at the end of the ride your stomach will be stuffed — even if your brain is hungry for more.

There’s Something for Everyone

The variety of mysteries available to solve on every train is expansive and constantly changing, so it’s easy to return for a new story if you’ve already completed one. The mysteries come from all different decades and span numerous themes, from a killer baking show to a good old Wild West “whodunnit.” Even the genres change, allowing you to embark on a comedy or thriller depending on your mood. You’ll have no trouble finding a show best suited to your tastes.

You Solve the Murder

Unlike a movie or play where you’re simply a passive viewer, these shows expect you to participate in identifying the murderer. Throughout the trip, you’ll get to interact with the show’s actors and search for clues that bring you closer to solving the case. Whether the killer gets away . . . well, that’s up to you.

Even if you don’t think you were a detective in a past life, your train ride will be something to reminisce about long after it’s over. You might be dying to try it again, this time in Nazi Germany or the hustle and bustle of 1920’s Hollywood. The options are endless, so enjoy the ride!


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