Should You Get Genie+ For Your Next Disney Vacation?

Soon, you and your kids will visit the most magical place in the world: Disneyland! However, there’s a lot to do before you depart. You have to pack, set up the My Disney Experience app, and . . . wait, what’s this? It looks like you can add something called Genie+ to your park package. 

Genie+ is a relatively new addition to the Disneyland experience. If you want to know what Genie+ is and if you should get it for your next Disney vacation, we provide a quick run-down of this service here.

What Is Genie+?

Genie+ is a paid add-on service that allows you to skip the line for certain attractions using the Lightning Lane. It costs 25 dollars per ticket per day. 

Here’s how it works. Following some helpful tips for taking your family to Disneyland, you should download the My Disney Experience app. From there, you can purchase the Genie+ add-on. Then, you’ll be asked to make your first ride selection. Once you make your selection, you have a one-hour window to head over and hop on the ride. Or, if you change your mind, you can modify your selection and pick a different ride in the same park and time slot. After checking into your first attraction, or after waiting two hours since your last reservation, you can make a second selection—and so on. 

What Happened to FastPass?

If you’ve been to Disneyland before, you might think, “Wait, that sounds exactly like FastPass!” And that’s because, in essence, it is FastPass—just rebranded and pricier. 

In 2021, Disney retired the free FastPass and FastPass+ programs and replaced them with the Genie+ program. The main reason for this was that FastPass clogged up ride lines and reduced the attendance capacity of the park. Genie+ cuts down on the number of guests skipping the lines, reducing wait times for all.

Is Genie+ Worth It?

Now that you know what Genie+ is and how it works, should you get it for your next Disney vacation? 

If you’re visiting during the off-season or you and your children don’t mind waiting in line for rides, then Genie+ may not be worth the additional cost. If you don’t get Genie+, you may not be able to ride as many rides. But you can use the money you save for other Disney experiences, such as purchasing souvenirs and eating at park restaurants.

However, if you’re visiting Disney during the busy season, eager to check out all the newest, most popular rides, or have young, impatient kids, then Genie+ is a fantastic investment. It cuts down on waiting times, allowing you to capitalize on your time spent in the park and keep your kids happy.


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