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Interior Design: Vintage Aesthetics With A Modern Touch

Even if you only pay a passing interest in interior designs, you’ll know that the vintage looks are on trend right now. But let’s face it; opting for outdated products and materials can be both expensive and impractical. As such, a lot of people still opt for the ultra-modern approach.   

 While the two concepts may seem to be polar opposites at a glance, there are ways to merge the two to achieve the perfect atmosphere. With these tips, the homely vibe that combines the best aspects of vintage and contemporary appeals is just around the corner.


 Fake The Vintage Aesthetic

 Many vintage styles look great but waste energy due to the use of outdated technology and materials. This is especially true when it comes to structural features. The modern approach allows you to embrace those old appeals without losing the heightened function.

 PVCu that replicates the wooden look is a particularly good option. Residence 9 windows maintain a property’s charm while providing the energy efficiency expected of a modern home. Meanwhile, doors and other materials can reap the benefits of similar design choices.

 On a separate note, faux fireplaces are an ideal solution for the modern home that craves the old style comforts. You can still use central heating in other parts of the home.


 Upcycling has become immensely popular in recent years. There are many reasons for this, not least financially. It also offers a chance to replicate the styles of yesteryear. Better still, you can achieve this without it looking like those products are still stuck in previous generations.

 Even back in my uni days, I often looked for the simple homely touches. Upcycling allows you to inject that personality and character in a very productive way. Still, even the simplicity of painting over weary looking cupboards can restore those cheap and old items to their former glory. In fact, they’ll probably look better than ever.

 You’d be amazed at how cheap you can pick up old and unwanted wooden furniture. In many cases,  the fact that those products are built to last will pay dividends in the long run. With a little TLC, the aesthetic appeal will be amazing too.

 Go For Natural Vibes

 It would be wrong to think that the vintage style was perfect. From my experiences, looking back at photos from my family’s past shows a crazy amount of clutter. Frankly, this is something I’d always look to avoid as embracing the space makes the home feel far happier.   

 When thinking about vintage looks, we tend to think about easy color schemes and natural materials. Simple additions like houseplants can make a world of difference to living spaces. If you plan to utilize display cabinets and potentially bulky furniture, combine those ideas with ones that will save floor space. This could mean putting TVs on the wall or using retractable features.

 The way you manage your lighting is crucial too. Using dimmer switches and touch lamps puts you in full control, allowing you to embrace vintage and contemporary at your desire.


Ultimately, you have a far better idea regarding your vision of the perfect home. Still, I hope these tips have given you some pointers and will help you turn those dreams into a reality. 


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