I’m Back!

Guess whose back? Back again? Lol. Me! I took a small hiatus from blogging due to personal reasons. More like health reasons. I had a lot going on in my life that I needed to focus on and now that I have everything in check, I plan to blog again. I will be sure to share some small details here and there with you about what was going on with me. I’m happy to be back and I hope some of you missed me. 😛

If you knew me from before, you’d know that I first started out under the blog name Blessed Mama’s Blurbs in 2014 and then chose to do a rebrand under this name Candid Mama in early 2017. I did reviews and hosted giveaways. I plan to do much more this time around. Some examples being more video reviews and possibly having my oldest daughter guest post.

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Candid Mama

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