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2017 Truck Convoy for Special Olympics Delaware

Every year during the month of October, the state of Delaware puts together a day where truckers come together to raise money for the Special Olympics of Delaware. Part of this fundraiser is the truck convoy. To participate, truckers must make a donation of $100. Special Olympics athletes have the opportunity to ride “shotgun” in the truck cabs during the Convoy. They meet at the local fairgrounds and are then escorted by law enforcement officers on a scenic route through southern Delaware before returning to the fairgrounds for a festival and celebration. There are always 3 designated “cheer sections” throughout the route. Each year we sit at the nearest one to where we live. I take pictures and my husband records it.

This year 243 truckers participated and raised $61,000. Both of these are newly set records. Main sponsors were FedEx, Perdue and Walmart. Supporting sponsors were WBOC, Fox 21 Delmarva, Delaware State Fairgrounds, Citgo, Delaware Department of Transportation and Delaware Law Enforcement for Special Olympics.

With that said, I figured I’d share with you what it is we get to experience and see every year and my thoughts on why I feel it’s a great event. I took over 200 photos but I’ll share the best 10 with you.

This event is not only great for the SODE and the truckers who participate but it’s also great for families and kids. It gives those of us who appreciate truckers, law enforcement and local businesses something to do for an hour. We get to hear our kids squeal in excitement over all the pretty colors, lights and even the noise. I think it gives the participates greater joy though because they are not only participating in a great cause but they are making the day of one of the Special Olympics athletes.

Here’s the video my husband created of the event.


More About The Event: Nationally, the Truck Convoy was founded in 2001 by Norm Schneiderhan, a corporal with the Orange County (FL) Sheriff’s Department. Schneiderhan, whose family is involved with the trucking industry, was inspired by the powerful impact Special Olympics has had on his life through his participation in the Law Enforcement Torch Run.

Originally just a fundraiser for Special Olympics Florida, the Truck Convoy has grown into a national movement with 26 states and four Canadian provinces participating in 2009.


Have you ever participated in a truck convoy? Or watched one? What’d you think?

Let us know your thoughts or answers in a comment below.


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