Hurdles Many Parents Face & Tips For Dealing With Them


Being a parent can be a tough role to take on but it should also not be taken for granted. You must practice patience with your kids and show them love and affection for the best outcome. 

Of course, life is full of ups and downs but what matters the most is how you navigate these and what your beliefs and attitudes are. Here you can review some of the most common hurdles many parents face and tips for dealing with them. 

Tantrums or Poor Behavior

As a parent, you have the chance of influencing your children’s behavior and choices. Set a good example in the hopes that they will follow in your footsteps and become standup adults. Toddler tantrums and poor behavior or choices will occur in kids and our youth but you as the parent have the chance of preventing this from happening in the first place. Talk to your kids and set ground rules and have high expectations so that they can be their best selves in your home and in public and make you proud. 

Meal Planning

Another obstacle you will likely face as a parent is meal planning. You are in charge of getting food on the table every day, plus snacks. Therefore, it can feel overwhelming but be glad to know there are ways to better handle this matter. For example, you can make grocery lists, look up recipes online or in cookbooks in advance, and make the time to prep and cook the foods. It can be challenging to know what to feed your kids, especially when they are young or a baby as they transition to solids. In this instance, you can refer to this 6 month old feeding schedule for some tips and advice. Also, don’t be afraid to eat out or order in and freeze meals you can later pull out to eat. 

Trusting Them

You must also learn to trust your children after you have communicated your expectations to them. It’s essential that you give them some freedom to make their own choices and even to make some mistakes as they learn and grow. Be the parent and advisor but then also give them some space to think and act as they see fit. Of course, you must have rules and put healthy consequences in place.  


Your kids are always growing and changing so you have to be adaptable as a parent. Read up on what time is a recommended bedtime for your children at their age and then stick to it. You can always be a little more lenient if it is a holiday or they are playing nicely and don’t feel tired quite yet. Consider your bedtime routine as well and incorporate healthy habits like each of you brushing your teeth, reading books, and being thankful for what you do have. 


These are some of the most common hurdles you will likely face as a parent. You also now have some useful tips and guidance on how to deal with them as they come. Most importantly, appreciate your children and the time spent with them and express your love verbally and with hugs and cuddles. 


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